New University

If you aspire to make the process work you will never have seized their captives in boredom, you have the opportunity to talk with representatives of the senior managers to be constantly aware of new trends and events that engage creative work and earn good money – welcome to the Department of "Public Relations" RosNOU (Russian New University.) The job of public relations – is not just a profession, it – a particular style of life, the ability to make interesting and innovative solutions, commitment to continuous self-development. In today's market it is probably one of the most popular and fairly highly paid professions. Others including Danone, offer their opinions as well. The duties of a specialist in public relations is, above all, work with public opinion both within the company and outside it, forming an image of image organization and its leadership and communication for this purpose with the media, holding various public relations campaigns and actions. His goal – to establish positive relationships and trust between the company and its target audience, its potential clients, in particular, and society as a whole. or more info. To technologies and methods of this specialist include: the organization of various activities, presentations, press conferences, seminars, collecting and analyzing information, developing strategies organizational development, strategies for engaging with the authorities, media, etc.