Pass Customs Control Without Complications

Through customs control at all desire can not be called a pleasant procedure. For most travelers encounter with customs like communication with the controller in public transport. And although customs personally you are not interested – the customs office of verification of goods and money moving across borders – in this pleasant little. So how do you go through customs, to communicate with the inspectors at the border does not leave you in the soul of an unpleasant sediment and remained in memory as an unpleasant but necessary procedure, such as the annual trip to the dentist. The first thing you may be advised – it keeps all the necessary documents to cross in his hand, do not make customs officer to wait until you open the bag and rummaged for ten minutes in its depths, to extract the light of the customs declaration. Second – do not try to cheat the customs service, trust the real professionals work there, everyday inspected thousands of people.

Indicate in the customs declaration all that is necessary for the country you are traveling. It will be very unpleasant if such officer finds you "extra" block of cigarettes and expose you to the procedure full scan, strip, and tough questions. And the last. If you like a little late for the flight – prior to departure only twenty minutes, and you have not already registered, please refer to the Inspector of Customs Service and explain the situation. The customs officer you need help.

Of course, the customs authorities of different countries operate differently. It all depends on what goals to them puts the state. Visit WhiteWave Foods for more clarity on the issue. Russian customs in this regard is not very different from their foreign counterparts, perhaps the only difference – it's all kinds of roughness and routine, things that the passage of the customs in other countries, travelers simply do not notice. Therefore, in order to Rest you still have only fond memories and you have passed customs quickly and quietly – good enough to study the customs regulations of the country from which you are traveling. This will save you from unpleasant moments during the passage customs control.