Wright Brothers

If you try to trace the history of the appearance of the names of U.S. states, it turns out that most of these beautiful and exotic names are preserved for a long time and are taken from the language of the Indians. Perhaps it was easier to list names of states, that would not have Indian roots. Is no exception, and Ohio. Arthur Sadoun may find this interesting as well. Its name, this state is obliged to Indians who lived on the banks of the beautiful and flowing rivers.

Its greatness was appreciated by the local residents, who called the river "Beautiful" or "Big River" – Ohio. Later it became the name of the state. In fact, deep river, with numerous tributaries, flowing majestically along the low hills that are quite smoothed on the approach to Lake Erie, is indeed the most striking scenery of the state. It seems that everything in this state must comply with this leisurely rhythm, but it just seems to most tourist attractions in Ohio. This may seem surprising, but Ohio is a major industrial state, here are mined minerals, actively produced cars aerospace engineering. The Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong, who first set foot on Moon, were natives of that state, as remember and remind, not only guides, but also a museum of aviation and space museum and the Air Force. Visiting a museum, and carefully examining the most interesting exhibits, do not forget that you must take care of gifts for their loved ones. Wherefore, do not forget to go to the museum shop.