Russian Advertising

Not without reason in one part of the show fat shows its strength by lifting instead of rods huge barrels of beer. Option hero fat appears in commercials lozenges "Rondo", when a thick sanguine painter slowly descends into Building the cradle down to the question of an elderly lady, curiosity, not a house there is a number so and so, politely respond "No". Work again to wait. Another example – the story of the Wizard, instantly mend all apartment; enchanted hostess hints that there is a sewing machine, but it is in the bedroom. Master cheerfully replies: "And you do not specify in the order." Than to repair one more thing not accounted for, but at the same time enjoy the pleasures of hostess, better go drink beer in the company with the fat man. It is unlikely that such advertising has become popular elsewhere, say in Japan. Love in Russia and the so-called "Vanka-fool" the man with the near face intelligence.

Very indicative in this case, it seems to me, advertising products series "My Family". Popular in the Russian advertising again turn to history and culture of the Russian people. Again, advertising is replete with well-known in Russian historical figures, heroes of fairy tales and folklore. Uses traditional colors, ornament, popular in outdoor advertising and printing font ", which are known to imitate Russian ornamental writing. As is well known language of advertising, although it is a special language does not exist apart from language in general, but only represents a kind of language with special features.