Highly Efficient Heating Mats

There is a completely new kind of super flat floor heating mats, which are certainly worth a look on the German market recently. Here a brief technical summary: since there is no crystalline, amorphous ribbons have higher electrical resistance than crystalline body of the same composition. Along with the physical shape of the belt, which has a low ratio of mass to the surface, the band very well as a heating element is suitable. Why? The explanation is very simple: the energy transfer from a heating element is proportional to its surface and the temperature difference between heating and the environment. The greater the surface, the required temperature difference is lower, to transfer energy from the heating element to its surroundings. Because the surface of the belt is relatively large (compared to the surface of a conventional cable, as it is used in many heating systems), it is able to emit the heat at low temperatures efficiently to its environment. Means in a private household a lower temperature a healthier atmosphere, and more reliability and security. How efficient are the heating mats, wood or carpeted floors? As Ellara consist of heating mats thin amorphous bands (exclusively in the distribution of Quintex GmbH) ultra – 25 microns – the heat is not absorbed by the metal. She can be transferred directly to the floor area and the temperature of the bands remains with 28-30 “(C) relatively low. This property is crucial under wood and carpeting, which can easily be damaged by higher temperatures. GF technique of Quintex GmbH Gibsert Sahib

Russian Advertising

Not without reason in one part of the show fat shows its strength by lifting instead of rods huge barrels of beer. Option hero fat appears in commercials lozenges "Rondo", when a thick sanguine painter slowly descends into Building the cradle down to the question of an elderly lady, curiosity, not a house there is a number so and so, politely respond "No". Work again to wait. Another example – the story of the Wizard, instantly mend all apartment; enchanted hostess hints that there is a sewing machine, but it is in the bedroom. Master cheerfully replies: "And you do not specify in the order." Than to repair one more thing not accounted for, but at the same time enjoy the pleasures of hostess, better go drink beer in the company with the fat man. It is unlikely that such advertising has become popular elsewhere, say in Japan. Love in Russia and the so-called "Vanka-fool" the man with the near face intelligence.

Very indicative in this case, it seems to me, advertising products series "My Family". Popular in the Russian advertising again turn to history and culture of the Russian people. Again, advertising is replete with well-known in Russian historical figures, heroes of fairy tales and folklore. Uses traditional colors, ornament, popular in outdoor advertising and printing font ", which are known to imitate Russian ornamental writing. As is well known language of advertising, although it is a special language does not exist apart from language in general, but only represents a kind of language with special features.

Newtonian Point

Since the ap all the moves by inertia and no acceleration, then an absolute inertial reference system. But this is not a fixed space of Newton: every point of the ap moves with respect to distant stars, in accordance with the gravitational potential at this point. Because potential has an absolute value, then we can only speculate the potential difference. Accordingly, the rate of ap can be add any value, but determining the speed ap at this point, we thereby fix the rates of all points of ap relative to this point. Since the hypothesis of the ap used the values of the constants of the Newtonian hypothesis, All experimental results are the same as in Newton, motion picture phone universe corresponds to the picture painted by Newton, that is, experimentally impossible to disprove the hypothesis ap (c using already undertaken experiments), but it is more simple and concise in its essence: to explain the observed phenomena, there is no need to introduce concepts such as long-range force field, a heavy weight. In fact, the hypothesis that ap offers just a different interpretation of the observed facts, allowing the principle of "Occam's razor" cut off "effect, fabrication than necessary." But at the same time, the hypothesis ap is not speculative, it meets the criteria of verification and falsification K. Popper: to test the hypothesis on the ap to the Michelson interferometer to compare the speed of light in the horizontal and vertical directions, the difference should be 11.2 kilometers per second.