Salt Water

In the planet, more of 80% of the space it is occupied by water but a 1% of the same are only apt for the human consumption. At the moment, so that we become an idea, they exist a daily production of 24 million cubic meters of desalinated water; water that can be consumed by near 100 million people. Can be drunk salt water? If we tried to consume water of the sea, the high levels of salt that it has would cause a decompensation of the water retained in our cells then when ingesting as much salt, the water of our cells would leave outside to try to compensate the levels. In summary, we would dehydrate, reason why to consume salt water imply, not to calm our thirst and to even make worse it still more. How can be transformed salt water into fresh water? The greater problem of the desalination process (to turn salt water into fresh water) is the enormous infrastructures that are needed for it, high power cost and the polluting residues that are generated during the process. In order to be able to obtain fresh water from water salty we can choose to use up to 4 different methods: Inverse osmosis? Distillation? Freezing? Evaporation lightning? Hydrate formation advanced More, in other articles, I will be explaining of what it treats each procedure, what is better, worse, etc. A thing that there is to know clearly is that if we try to fight by the sustainability we will have to find the balance between generating water fresh and that the impact for the environment produced by the desalination ones is the possible minor. We will be able in the future to enjoy all the potable water that we wish? Original author and source of the article..