Shopping On The Internet

What is the market of online stores Runet today? We make a brief review of the various categories of goods. Cover the entire market in one article is impossible, so we will take one store with the most "Talking" to the name of his area and see how it is convenient to the buyer. What products, service conditions, payment, delivery, discounts it offers. Let's start with those products that we buy most often – are products and drinks. Among them are allocated separately online stores of alcohol.

Liquor Store offers customers all types of alcoholic drinks from regular beer to elite wine aging. The range for lovers of really wide liquor: whiskey, brandy, calvados, brandy, vodka, liqueur, sake, gin, brandy, port wine, tequila, sherry and a dozen other names. In general, the store leaves a good impression. He is not forcing the purchase of alcoholic beverages, and it promotes a "culture of drinking." Navigation is quite easy: you can choose a drink by name or country of origin. To each of them included a description strength and recipes that you can use the alcohol. You can also read the accompanying article literacy use, of the difference between a fake liquor from the present and the other way, if you wish, together with order will receive a certificate of authenticity from each drink Under the terms of delivery of the goods you receive the next day or next day (depending on time of order), and it will be completely free of charge for you if order amount exceeds 5000 rubles.