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Experiential learning means a method of teaching the subjects to be studied, but not a eigentandige education. The trial of a definition could be: As experiential learning that a methodical, experiential approach is described, which is using an exciting settings in a most natural environment, the participants in most real tasks, issues and problems, their implementation and solution at the same time a positive change or to promote further development of their own social skills and / or group dynamics and / or personality development. Today, experiential learning is almost everywhere-in applying to the school with school trips and school classes in the social education, in leisure and holiday action, but also for individual measures and team training. What exactly is really experiential? Climbing walk alone it is not. To make a natural sport an experiential educational setting, there is no intention. So, for example, very flat and classically, the issue of trust and confidence to address in a group and encouraged. Besides a preparation made by a (n) expert (s) must act as a teacher educator and expert care, a qualified guide and a follow-up.

A Mini-Curriculum Guide: Incentive-experience-reflection-Transfer. The so-called transfer problem is in the experiential learning today Most discussed yet. It is about how one can have a positive impact a. experiential Masnahme on the real life, what kind of reflection will help if and when reflection is needed at all, and how an effect can be demonstrated scientifically. There are various approaches and models, whose discussion is beyond the scope secure. The most common misconception today is sure that experiential learning is synonymous with outdoor sports. It is far more than modern experiential outdoor blind activism. And much more able to afford.

Even with small, insignificant tasks and elements. Like natural functions in the classical solo also called experiential learning. It is quite simply a matter of time with himself for a time without distraction and with only the most necessary security and protective equipped to spend outside in nature. And who is critical here, may be wondering when he has because the last time it work without distraction, even without a walk and exercise time devoted himself. And where it starts to not only experiential. Here we are in the middle. Try it!

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Nokia N81 8GB Due to the large amount of memory in Nokia N81 can now not only listen to music and watch movies. The latter contributes more and high-quality screen – it displays 16 million colors, which, incidentally, is standard for Nokia. However, film and music – This is not the main highlight of the model. In the development of producer emphasized the gaming device function, namely the platform tried to revive N-Gage. Thanks to the user in addition to three standard toys download from a dedicated server a few extra.

In addition, you can always download free java-games. By the way, a very good opportunity N81 8GB is a variable orientation of the screen. For all the merits at the device has its drawbacks. The first thing you unpleasantly surprised – this keyboard. Since the keys are on top of the slider, no problems.

They touch. But if this management option is unusual, it easily can be turned off. However, the numeric keypad sad. Its not exactly ergonomic: the keys are very flat and virtually separated from one another. So what about the blind set, you can forget it. The second disadvantage was the camera. She obviously nedotyagivaet to level "colleagues" on the line, though, may be such idea was the producer. Samsung F210 major scourge of the model, for that matter, and the previous one, is the screen. In addition to the tiny physical dimensions, it has a non-standard resolution (128h220). In up photo look awkward, the game is not fun, and upload pictures and even impossible.