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Nokia N81 8GB Due to the large amount of memory in Nokia N81 can now not only listen to music and watch movies. The latter contributes more and high-quality screen – it displays 16 million colors, which, incidentally, is standard for Nokia. However, film and music – This is not the main highlight of the model. In the development of producer emphasized the gaming device function, namely the platform tried to revive N-Gage. Thanks to the user in addition to three standard toys download from a dedicated server a few extra.

In addition, you can always download free java-games. By the way, a very good opportunity N81 8GB is a variable orientation of the screen. For all the merits at the device has its drawbacks. The first thing you unpleasantly surprised – this keyboard. Since the keys are on top of the slider, no problems.

They touch. But if this management option is unusual, it easily can be turned off. However, the numeric keypad sad. Its not exactly ergonomic: the keys are very flat and virtually separated from one another. So what about the blind set, you can forget it. The second disadvantage was the camera. She obviously nedotyagivaet to level "colleagues" on the line, though, may be such idea was the producer. Samsung F210 major scourge of the model, for that matter, and the previous one, is the screen. In addition to the tiny physical dimensions, it has a non-standard resolution (128h220). In up photo look awkward, the game is not fun, and upload pictures and even impossible.