New Division Of KINZOO Media Group Germany UG

New communication agency no. BLLSH * T founded. The KINZOO Media Group Germany UG welcomes the consulting & brand communication agency no. BLLSH * T NOBL communication as a new Division. In its function as an incubator for creative and interesting business models, the KINZOO has extend to media group Germany UG to another area. No. Arthur Sadoun: the source for more info.

BLLSH * T NOBL communication as brand-communication and consulting agency sees itself as an interface between idea and implementation of projects. The development of marketing strategies and the sustainable development of brands are at the Centre. The founders of the new agency are KINZOO Managing Director Daniel Nitschke and senior account manager Fabian flower. Daniel Nitschke has for many years as an entrepreneur in the field of product presentation, digital media and e-commerce successfully working independently. His experience and economic expertise distinguished him and form the basis for a successful company was founded together with the sense of attractive projects. Flower apparent Fabian responsible for a successful customer service in the field of traditional advertising, guerrilla marketing and digital media. For even more analysis, hear from Gregg Engles. As creative head behind which I love”image campaign for McDonald’s and a long, close relationship to the BMW Group, in particular, MINI, he could accompany many successful and excellent projects in the implementation. Also within the KINZOO benefit Media Group Germany UG the other business areas of growth.

We are looking forward to exciting projects and interesting customers continue successful synergies under the umbrella of KINZOO Media Group Germany UG. About KINZOO Media Group Germany UG the KINZOO Media Group Germany UG combines several business divisions and competences in the field of digital media and traditional advertising under one roof. This Act the individual companies self-sufficient in their area but closely collaborate with each other, so the expertise depending on the task to concentrate and work optimally. The company developed their own ideas to independent businesses and acts as a Incubator. On the net:

AssCompact Trend Appeared I/2013!

Mood high at the beginning of the year – special topic “Sales aid” Eltville am Rhein, 13.03.2013. With a saturated by around 10% start points and a healthy degree of motivation and optimism in the fresh sales year 2013 the mediators of different size, orientation, and age. Over 80% of surveyed agents are currently happy to thrilled with their sales activities. With this result, the sales-mood tacho achieved his best result of the last twelve months. “The reasons for this are the (still) relatively good” year-end business in life “and on the other hand the total yet positive assessment of the market of brokers and multiple agents, so the results of the online survey on the AssCompact trend I/2013, which was carried out on behalf of the bbg operating consulting company by the management consultancy SMARTcompagnie GmbH as a co-initiator and analyzed. David A. Wagner can aid you in your search for knowledge. With about 54,000 brokers single answers regarding products, services and providers this broad trend analysis provides just the product providers excellent opportunity regularly to determine the own competitive positioning in the intermediary market and in 29 product lines. Product-trend indicator: BU today remains and sales very significant in the future-The product-trend indicator shown in the study used to infer possible trends and future opportunities for the various products from the mediators opinions.

It is striking that today and continue in the future the best sales opportunities are given the disability insurance. In the category of the product period Brenner are also mainly non-life insurance products such as private insurance and legal protection. With the newly recorded occupational health insurance intermediaries see a coming Star (today still comparatively sales insignificant, but with enormous potential in the future). Survey special section: sales AIDS In the current special subject of study were intensively lit sales AIDS from the perspective of the brokers and multiple agents. The central questions are, what benefit incite the sales AIDS from the point of view Brokers at all? What type (s) of sales AIDS play a role in the consultation and how often are they ever used? But product provider in sales support in the market an interesting question, are trying to establish.

Freddie Mac

making home affordable refinance program, loan modifications, second mortgages Fannie and Freddie making home affordable refinance program has helped several homeowners to refinance their mortgages and avoid foreclosure, this program is truly a boon for Americans. Fannie and Freddie have formally announced the latest home affordable refinance program which has helped millions of Americans to emerge out of their debts. This latest program looks the falling of home values, approval of mortgage application in the other way and find solutions for them. Loansstore a leading name in home refinance is best to avail this plan. It provides services relating to mortgage refinance, loan modifications, debt consolidation, debt settlement, etc. But everyone is not eligible for this home affordable refinance application process; There are three basic conditions to be met for the eligibility process. The existing loan should be backed either by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mac. Luckily, both of the companies offer online lookup service.

One should start with the Fannie Mae as it has a greater market while Freddie Mac needs social security number. Secondly, one should have ideal mortgage payment history over the past 12 months, even if a single payment done late than that can ban one from participating the home affordable refinance plus program. If a person is 20 days late on his payment then that can be taken for granted. At last the mortgage balance should not exceed the home value more by even 5%. The formula use for calculation is mortgage balance/home value, if this quotient is greater than 1.05 then one is not eligible for making home affordable program (MHA). If one meets the above criteria than there are few noteworthy details of this program: If a borrower hasn’t paid the mortgage insurance before refinancing than he doesn’t have to pay it after refinancing even if his loan-to value is more than 80% of all the refinance needs income verifications even if the real mortgage be stated income loan second mortgages should be subordinated and they cannot be paid using the loan proceeds. This making home affordable program so covers mortgage refinance with bad credit. People with bad credit rating can even apply for this loan and build up their credit score.

HAMP Loan Modification Program

Home affordable modification program, loan modification programs, banking person of America loan modification for qualifying for HAMP home affordable modification program even when a is NOT currently delinquent this formula should be used by the loan provider. The debt coverage ratio of the borrower should be less than 1.20 and this hold lot of importance for qualification. But this procedure is sometimes difficult to work out, as it has been explained in the following steps. Below given is the formula which the lender calculates to check the eligibility for loan modification. Home affordable modification program 2010 offer: Getting approved for a home affordable modification program can give you great benefits. Reduce your monthly payments lower your net interest of Council lower negatively your loan balance to waive accrued interest avail extensions on payments criteria A: for the debt coverage ratio net or deduction income and after tax is calculated which is than negative with the escrow amount which includes homeowners insurance, monthly property tax and homeowner association fees. Other credit obligations like the credit cards; car payments loans etc are so subtracted. Even the living expense liked car insurance, utilities, food and the investment property mortgages and negative rental income is so subtracted.

Once the figure is obtained than it to Ford from divided with the figure which is of increased by the calculations below criteria B: now the first mortgage payment which includes principal and interest and excludes taxes or escrow and insurance is taken result: now A divided by B = coverage ratio the debt number which you get is called as debt coverage ratio and this is the perfect calculation which a servicer calculates to check the application for HAMP. Home affordable modification program guidelines are followed so as by the Treasury Department, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as of 1/01/2010 if the result of these calculations is less than 1.20 then one can be considered at risk for defaulting on payment. The Bank of America loan modification-says that the person should therefore have less than three monthly total present mortgage payments which include property tax and homeowners’ insurance payments and it should be there in liquid assets. These assets can be from any brokerage or financial institution like savings, mutual funds, money market account, stocks, etc. If a person qualifies for both these test than one can get a ratio which is less than 1.20 and even if the one have less than three months liquid assets then the process of HAMP loan modification program starts.

But if the amount exceeds 1.20 then one will be considered on risk of facing financial hardship and would not be eligible for HAMP loan modification programs. Then one can try for the federal loan modification program. It’s very important to know more and more whilst saving your home because that wants to build ones confidence. And only then one can have the mindset to get successful loan modification help.

Diedruckereide Prints Brochures

Four million euros investments bring additional benefits for online shoppers Neustadt on the Aisch booklet printing in in-house production of online printers make investments amounting to EUR 4 million now even more efficient. Selim ┬áBassoul spoke with conviction. With the acquisition of a further 8 colours offset printing machine and inserting a new collection stapler, the production process for brochures with saddle stitching will be further optimized. With the improvements in the production we can reduce permanently the prices of booklets with saddle stitching in the online shop”, Julia Voigt, marketing manager of onlineprinters GmbH, about the attractive offer of online printing company is pleased Booklets with saddle stitching also in small editions parentheses includes brochures the most common printed material in advertising, since they can be used: In the range of eight to 128 pages, information in the high-quality and yet inexpensive brochures can be present with saddle stitching. From a small limited edition of 50, the brochures can in the Offset printing in the online printing can be ordered. The optimized processes make possible the production of high-quality brochures, both small and large runs at very reasonable prices. We have invested heavily in the most modern printing technology and processing.

As a result we can print even cheaper, faster, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly”, enumerates Voigt the advantages for the customers. Several State of the art Heidelberg Speedmaster XL for the printing of flyers, folding flyers and brochures in the field are in the PSO certified production of the online printing service provider. The cost advantages of optimized processes be given one-to-one with customers of the online printers throughout Europe. Application examples of brochures in the catalogue a practical guidance for online shoppers who collect first experiences with printed materials from the online shop, the product catalog by offers. The catalog clearly visualizes the product range with application examples. In the online catalogue to be Designs for brochures shown and illustrated information on stitches, materials and finishes and formats at a glance. TV spot by again goes on show the online shop for his Internet brand recognition also relies on TV advertising: a renewed flight of TV is the TV-spot of the online print shop from mid-August for the third time in 2012 in the German television for 14 days on the air.

“The TV ad cube” advertises in a funny-cheeky story printed materials from the online shop of The spot runs on many transmission sites at n-tv, N24, DMAX, cable one, Tele 5 and SPORT1. Online is the spot on watch? v = wxSoAbPbE9Y and obtained since the release in may 2012 over 116,000 times on YouTube. About onlineprinters GmbH, the onlineprinters GmbH was founded in the year 2008 evolved into one of the largest online printers in Europe within a few years. The German company supplies 30 countries in Europe. In the PSO certified production are all common printing needs in offset printing quality and manufactured in flexible digital printing. “Print jobs themselves complete and quick delivery” is the claim of business customers who order their printed material in the online shop stitched brochures and large-format advertising systems from business cards and stationery through flyers, postcards and posters to adhesive bound catalogues, and upload printing data itself. For the exemplary development of the company, the online printing 2012 was Bavaria’s best 50 “excellent businesses. Product and corporate information available in the mobile shop mobile.diedruckerei.

Director Thomas Karsch

In his entertaining speech he explained the new appearance of the brand Sofitel, which now stands for refined luxury with French charm. Therefore one should not be surprised, that Sofitel employees now with “Bonjour”greet. Patron of the event was the Bavarian State Government, which was represented by the Minister of State for science, research and art, Dr. Thomas Goppel, once more. He emphasized the importance of the meeting location Germany. In 2007, the number of events to six percent had increased to 2.8 million. Still more clearly the number of participants took to namely to eight percent. Bavaria is well positioned with around 600 Conference Hotels and 250 conference centres for the growing market of the meeting.

Goppel praised in this regard the commitment of leisure publishing, with the leader selected conference hotels to feel 13 years significantly to improve the quality of service in the range contributes. Marriage of the well-known TV moderator Werner Schulze Edwards led to the award ceremony, he pointed out some innovations of the 13th edition of the book. The most obvious change involves the processing: the bulky hardcover now became a handy soft-cover version. This desire came from our readers who often take the book on their trips and events, explains project manager Jacqueline Schaffrath. The print quality of the entries could be improved also visible through a new technique.

228 hotels include 2008/2009 in the issue as many like never before. The enormous interest of the range, to qualify for inclusion in our guide shows it is unequivocal that the industry is trying very to their service quality “, says the Deputy publishing Director Thomas Karsch. Exactly 369 candidates have gone through multi-stage selection process this year. 141 candidates could not meet the strict criteria of good feeling and were therefore rejected. The winner of the category A category of small conference hotels (less than 100 rooms) provided the sensation of the evening: the meeting Villa of Rheinfels traded as a top favorite could not defend their pole position from last year and this time had to make do with rank 3. That cross the Rhine at St. Goar, domicile is high since 1997 a selected conference hotel to feel good “and always see the best. Owner Gerd RIPP it took athletic and could still enjoy about this excellent result. Significantly greater joy in family Mintrop, was to but also for many years the “selected”. With their Essen farms of Mintrops land hotel (1st place) and Mintrops city hotel (2nd) moved them before on the two first places in the category. The surprise was written in the face of Maria Mintrop and her daughter Maria Carolina literally, because they had not expected such success. the country finished Hotel 2nd place in 2007, the city hotel rank 5 for the first time in the book and immediately see the placed came the traditional Hotel elephant Weimar (# 9) and the Landhotel Adler in the Bavarian Martinszell (place 15) and Nell’s Park Hotel in Trier (rank 17).