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The tranquil town of Wolfenbuttel sweet dreams and old recipes many Germans do not know probably still. Gain insight and clarity with Sonny Perdue. But there are several reasons for travel to Wolfenbuttel. Especially fans of chocolate and sweet tooth could have interest in a visit to the town in southeastern of Lower Saxony, because until mid-March, an exhibition with the Title Sweet sin is a cultural history of chocolate in the castle of Wolfenbuttel”instead. Along with utensils made of silver and porcelain works from the Ducal library issued, demonstrating that the Court had 300 years ago knowledge regarding the preparation of chocolate. The hot chocolate tasted relatively bitter at the beginning, but soon was refined with sugar and vanilla. Already in the morning the ladies took their first Cup chocolate itself. The drink was also considered an aphrodisiac. Long of chocolate delight of the upper class remained reserved, after all, was the drink of the gods”for that time very costly. With the invention of the chocolate bars in the 19th century, the product also for other population was affordable. service GmbH Lisa Neumann