Technology Monuments Of Natural Stone

Manufacture of any product made of granite, whether it is a monument, polished tiles, window sills, stairs, countertops, paving, curbs or paving slab, requires first and foremost the presence of granite blocks – the first step in production process. Granite blocks are mined in open pits in the ground, where decorative rock granite is very close to the surface, the so-called deposits. In a career running a special technique, with by which means explosions and stone cutting of monolithic rocks are separated by pieces of various sizes, suitable for further transport of freight cars, and such pieces are called blocks. All Natural Stone Company and the company bought the quarries of granite blocks and transported them to their territory, where, in fact, and processing begins. First unit is fed to the main Saw machine (cutter), where disc saw a large size with special diamond tipped or it is cut into slabs at once, called slabs or billets for details at (such as under window sills or steps of the same width).

If the block is cut into the width of the workpiece, these blanks then repeated on the same machine or on a machine with a saw and a smaller diameter bloom at the plate, but with one exposed to the size (width). Thus, the output from the sawing machine are granite slabs or slabs. But as the granite block on all of its planes – a rubble, it is natural and slabs and plates, obtained from the blanks, have at least two torn plane, which need to trim and fit at the same time the plate or slab under the size of the necessary details.