The Martyrdom Of Travel

Many times, like so many, many years, we traveled from Trujillo to Lima and back again, But for a time under the influence of advertising and image, marketing, differentiated, personalized attention and other quality techniques, has already, a widespread custom in the land transport lines to serve its customers, with hostess, which I see very well, especially all these ladies are beautiful and attentive, so far so good and we are friends … but it turns out a few nights ago I traveled in a company known and was really tired, wanted to sleep, then next day I had a full agenda in the capital, the trip began on time and then filmed me (that’s what I like most of the trip) and revise, the bus began to walk the streets of Trujillo, and at the start, began the Martyrdom, first with the information in the event of an emergency incident (which is fine) that were preceded by one, talkative and proselytizing by bombastic TV screens, doors, windows, the ceiling, then how to use the bathroom in case of urinary urgency, which is exclusively use with these baths, in case of another rush, some companies are realizing that there is to tell the hostess and other best-Callan and words, words, sleep overcame me I wanted to be Juan Carlos Rey and although not cry Why do not you shut up!, fortunately stopped talking, I reached my seat and closed my eyes (But not forever … eh ?…) then appeared SECOND detail “gentlemen please put your seat upright to serve dinner,” magically straightened seats, I also did not seem to statistically abnormal, the hostess appeared with an apron I did not know if it was such or was chef or kitchen assistant (as they are called now to the cooks and waitresses), the truth is that he did well, with precision, juggling and very fast, I abstained, to be consistent with my discontent, my environment was implemented what they had learned at home regarding how to eat in places public, as I would like to travel with Carreno to discuss the Volume II of its Civic Education Manual!, after a reasonable time Ms. .