Dead Sea

And then – the skin without a drop of makeup, and she looked great: healthy, fresh, glowing, velvet and even seemed to look younger. As soon as she sat down, we forgot about the desserts, attacked her with questions. Love? What causes these changes? Friend us radiantly smiled and ordered his favorite cheesecake and this was told. Before the last meeting of her skin, and not so glittering health (in all senses of the word), began to fade. And pretty quickly – did not save even expensive creams.

Was thought to go to beautician, but the timing could not be found. It was obvious that the skin should be treated. But what? The entire arsenal of folk remedies – honey masks or cottage cheese, bread crumbs, yogurt and other contents of the refrigerator – it tried before start of treatment. I came to the conclusion that this is not the way – they helped her a little, and demanded a lot of time. In general, “Grandma’s” recipes she has decided to no longer be considered. Bolt masks and creams? But they are a serious problem is not solved in forces, provide more cosmetic effect. But once at work some free time, and a friend got into the online search tool for skin care. She met a very interesting link.

Frankly, like the name. I decided to try the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli. She called on the telephone number, and the next day waiting for her cosmetic procedure at home. She not only made the complex procedure of DeSheli, in the composition of the components which included items used in cosmetics from the Dead Sea, but also gave a couple of valuable suggestions. Admitted to us that at first it was difficult to force myself to twice a day, morning and evening, to carry out the procedure. But then got used to. And time it took nothing at all – 15 minutes. But the first results appeared after the first procedure – the skin a healthy, fresh, healthy glow appeared. After another couple of weeks significantly decreased the first signs of facial wrinkles. And all thanks to one cosmetic collection for women! But the result, which she won in six weeks, we could see the person. At the end of the story hanging pause. We were shocked. It’s one thing to hear about effective means, and quite another – witness the result. When coffee was dopit, cakes eaten, then call the company decided to Desheli all together. In the end, have a beautiful and healthy skin like everything.