The Physics And Chemistry Of Love

How much chemistry is there love? Love is not only emotion and spirituality, i.e. also the chemistry is important, or what is the same, the physical attraction. However, there are many cases showing that physical attraction is not immediate, and first arises the emotional compatibility. Thus shown in the cases of friends who fall in love after a time share friendship. True beauty is on the inside, therefore when you know someone who you think perfect, is normal that at the external level, it also seems more interesting, like more than before and you attract internally.

Therefore, when you know someone, rather than get carried away by prejudice, the interesting thing is give a chance to another person because they may surprise you and you are done in love with who you least expect. In love there is chemistry, there is attraction, and to deny the obvious is forgetting that this attraction is that unlike a relationship of love, a relationship between friends. The attraction Physics is reflected in body tension that you feel to have against you to a person who does not leave you indifferent, the inability to stop looking at who you like, in the desire to kiss such a chemical, obviously, is stronger and more intense at the beginning of the relationship when the desire is very powerful. However, as the story progresses, grows the emotional attraction between the two, the affection, the complicity and understanding over the years ago that physical appearance is not so perfect as to age twenty, on the other hand, emotional level, a mature person is much more interesting, he has more experience, more life and more options to be fully happy than someone who still has much to live. Experience is a degree. The human being is a perfect set of body and mind, therefore behind a relationship there is a very important emotional part, but there is also, a part that is very physical and body. Both are equally important. I.e. the chemistry of love makes your heart will accelerate to see the other person. And the mystery of the physical attraction is really fascinating, and somewhat, it can not always be controlled.