The Wind Tree And Mill

Representations: tree: branches/fruit trunk/fu erza silhouette/shadow children 3 / 3 visions of the same windmill: wheat/bread, fruit prepared mill/form, order, force/wind tools, wind top purpose: spirit three children were playing in the field and suddenly passing a gust of wind looked on the mountain and saw, all three at the same time, a large windmill. But they had never seen this mill in spite of that played every day in this place, great was his surprise to hear a voice on this image that asked them: – which is what you see? – answered them saying: – a windmill – then the voice and the wind went from that place, but not their memories forever. They and past few years grown commented each other Recalling the vision and shoulders movingly reliving the event. Read more here: Danone. Said one: that mill was the most beautiful artifact I’ve seen and cannot hand of man lift one equal while the second was rushed to say: does saw as is? It was placed at the top of the mountain, on the Hill of the wheat fields? More for the latter was more relevant initial, said: before the vision there was a calm and then the wind took us to that vision occurred by causes of life, i.e., the fate of the men, that those boys were separated and returned to find dozens of years later, when they already fulfill the purpose of your days; and returning to the memory of that vision has confessed some others work that atareo his ways. And one said: being already adult I could not let go of that vision and touched in my heart I gave the task of inquiry in the things of God; I was looking for the appearance and that wind force initial so that lead me to the root of the first vision, in that occupation was when the words me were revealed in the Bible and I understood that this mill was the same work of God, giving bread and sustenance on Earth and among the men under the action of the Holy Spirit (the wind); and I wanted to work in the mill of God. Like this I have occupied my days learning to manage it and now I know and I understand that only that perfection will be the true bread, why now I teach men the word of God, guiding them to their knowledge so that they are salt of the Earth.