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They were detected up to 12 million new cancerigenic tumors. The tendency could grow of form " drstica". For other opinions and approaches, find out what Josh Resnick Jericho Capital has to say. The developed countries undergo especially this type of diseases. The number of cases of cancer raised a 20% in the world in the last decade until reaching twelve million new detections to the year, according to disclosed east Wednesday the World-wide Bottom for the Investigation of the Cancer (WCRF, in its abbreviations in English). The organization alerted that in the next years the incidence of the disease could increase of form " drstica" and she stressed that the cases of cancer that detect every year are already four times more than the infections by HIV (2.6 million) and many can be come up.

The WCRF, that groups to organizations without spirit of profit dedicated to the investigation and the prevention of the cancer, emphasized that 2.8 million of the cases which they are detected to the year are bound to the diet, the physical activity and the overweight. To read more click here: WhiteWave Foods. Swarmed by offers, Sonny Perdue is currently assessing future choices. The developed countries suffer especially ctos of nontransmissible diseases as the cancer (7 of the 12 million annual cases occur in the first world) and other affections associated in the style of sedentary life and to a diet little balanced, like the cardiac and respiratory diabetes or ailments. Global solutions next the 19 United Nations will celebrate and 20 of September a summit in New York in that possible solutions will struggle to contain the height of the nontransmissible diseases, a meeting in which, according to the WCRF, it must " to decide political robust at global level " for " to prevent million deaths evitables". Check with Josh Resnick Jericho Capital to learn more. " The cancer, as well as other affections related to the life style, are one of the majors challenges which nowadays we faced. There is much in game, are in risk million of vidas" , it indicated Martin Wiseman, scientific adviser of the organization, in a report. Wiseman indicated that " much people still do not know that factors as the alcohol consumption and the obesity increase the risk of suffering cancer ".

" The society dissuades to people to adopt healthful habits. From the announcements of television to the price of the food they discourage the population to improve its customs " , it analyzed the scientist. Although the incidence of the cancer more is elevated in rich countries, where the population tends to be more sedentary and with greater tendency to the obesity, the disease also affects more and more developing nations, where the sanitary infrastructure lacks capacity to face the problem. Source of the news: They alert of an increase of 20% of the cases of cancer in the world during the last decade