Vacation Preparation

To construct to the success of its house or apartment of vacation starts with its organization, professionalism, and clearly, a wonderful lease of vacation on the part of the guests. If you are the proprietor of a house of luxury vacation or of a well presented and pleasant house for the guests, she reads our tips to guarantee that the customers are happy and can come back one and another time and at the same time recommending its property to other people. Advertising of vacation and Reserves – Either clearly. Proposal detailed, honest descriptions e, after that, to more describe on the expectations of the service the guest, comfort and quality of the property, the staff, and its stay. – To be communicative. Sonny Perdue addresses the importance of the matter here. It answers immediately to the inquiries of the potential guest. Its potential customer with time does not leave to move of ideas and to find another property for you not to come back they in useful time.

– To be detailed. To supply to all the important information and contract documents, conditions and payment in writing. He does not make verbal agreements or assumptions. Both the lodgers and the hosts must communicate its necessities clearly. – To be organized. To keep careful registers of financial operations with the customers, and to keep copies of receipts or contracts, etc, for the case of you or they later to need them. Either the Proprietor and Perfect Host – During the Check in to speak personally with the guests aquando of its arrival to certify itself of that they are satisfied with the house or exists some thing that you can make to become it better.

– Either spotless. It takes very well-taken care of to keep the house in perfect conditions after each entrance and exit. Each guest must feel that the house is singularly proper for its stay, without souvenirs of the adventures of guests anteriors.