Electricity Project Country House

Electrical country house if you plan to start work on home improvement, then this article will help you prepare, plan and carry out all electrical work so that further operation was extremely convenient and comfortable. As elsewhere, the preparation and planning are the foundation of a competent electrical installation. This will help us to project power. Even the smallest nuances in the drafting of unaccounted and further electrical work will bring inconvenience to the continuous operation. To get started is to determine what support systems are needed for comfortable use at home, that is, whether you put up with the possible lack of electricity, or should provide redundant power supplies as a generator and an uninterruptible power supply. At home scheme is necessary to put all the appliances and equipment intended to be installed in the house. After that, the terms of mark, where a number of outlets required.

We also note, where in addition to electrical outlets will join television, telephone, internet findings. Mark up planned lighting of premises and location of switches. Envision-through switches in the long corridors and other places where not very comfortable to go back to turn off the light. In areas saturated by different lights, and groups of lamps, allows the integration of "smart" control. Based on your layout consisting of sockets, switches, fixtures and appliances A project of power supply. Standard project consists of separate floor plans rosette network, network coverage, fixed consumer line diagram floor panels, grounding systems and boxes bonding, it is calculated load, type and cable cross-sections. If later you are going to formalize all the work in the house, it is necessary to project power to make a license for the project work.

After completing the design work, a list of materials needed to implement these works. According to the draft power cables must be ordered, Escutcheon, safety channels clips and more. After completing the preparation phase, design phase to begin electrical work. With well-trained and developed projects of power supply specialists, electricians pave all line will collect will be connected devices and stationary users. You just have to monitor the quality of work and exact location is displayed under the lights. After completion of finishing work done installation of sockets, switches, lamps. Work on the electrical completed.