Village Rock

It would not have mass during one week and the city hall had the national flag the half wood in homage to the Colonel and its wife. – Cowards! A so good person! – the priest complained of. Passed one week the church he came back to function, with a mass of seventh day in great style. Gift all the local authorities and until representatives of the governor had appeared. When finishing the mass, all had left. Suddenly a boy passes for the door of the church, crying out, with the periodical of the capital under the arm: – ' ' Z is alive! Z is alive! ' ' – Me of the one periodical of this there, boy! – the priest, worried said.

The priest turned over for the faithful, that were astonished and it read: – Z CONTINUES ALIVE AND THE COMMANDER OF THE ARMY IS DEMORALIZED! – Thus not of! – a man said fat person. – How he is that he can? He comes a journalist of the capital and Z interview, inside of my city! – the Mayor said, irado- Vou to order to search the Army to look this outlaw and to kill it of a time for all! I go to ask for to the Governor to close this periodical and to arrest the journalist who interviewed Z. – It is this same! The doctor has reason! – baixinho said one. Suddenly he appears a man mounted in a horse and wanting to speak with the Mayor. The Mayor was to its meeting. The man jumped of the horse and started to speak: – Its Mayor. I have the bad news for giving to it. – It says soon and it takes off this horse from there, because it is sin to cagar in the door of the church! – It is the following one: that Z attacked the Village Rock and killed the Colonel and its wife, Mr.