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The contract applies worldwide, but also limitations of scope can be arranged. The contract is concluded by the company to the employees. Foreign insurance for students abroad insurance for students is not pure health insurance, but consists of several units of insurance, a health insurance is included in the. The insurance applies for a semester abroad, as well as for a period of up to two years. Also a liability insurance and so-called assistance services for emergencies are included in the insurance package. In addition, the police can be extended to the building blocks of home insurance and baggage insurance.

Conclusion a travel health insurance is recommended in any case. For a few euros, you can find good rates. Since it only a few Expariatsversicherungen are and many employers already work with an insurer, there is hardly a choice. Save can the insured some providers by excess in the event of illness. Whether it’s worth but also always depends on local conditions. A foreign insurance for students is made meaningful by the principle, but many services are not included in this, and partially for private liability insurers offer minimal amounts of damage, so that a conclusion should be considered precisely in advance. On, prospects for more information and comparisons of rates and providers of private health insurance.

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