Work In The UAE

In conclusion, I want to write Several reviews of the work in the UAE. About a month ago, I wrote to our clients, who left to work in the UAE in September 2010 the following letter: Hello, I'm writing an article on the work in the UAE. If you have time, answer, please a few questions. I want to insert something like a section of feedback from participants. And as conditions in the various hotels are slightly different, the number of points very difficult to understand. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sonny Perdue.

1.Byvayut whether the processing and whether paid they are. 2.What do you like and do not like to work in the hotel and in general in the UAE. 3.How tip size in the past month. 4.If not difficult to describe the living conditions in the UAE. 5.What is fed. Publish replies: Svetlana Volkovitsy, Hotel Grand Millennium Al Wahda We have hotel only opens tomorrow, while living in a hotel, so it's hard to answer your questions. While nothing is clear itself even wondering what it all will lead.

One thing I can say we are respected, well treated and are trying to create for We all conditions. Their attitude toward us I even like it better than the U.S., but wages did that little girl. If this charge will come out good, then place SUPER!! Thank you that are interested and do not forget us! Anna Andreeva, hotel Westin – I do not have overtime (I work for 10 hours, but I have two days off per week) – in general, like – I do not have direct contact with guests – hence no tip – at the beginning I lived in a studio that I shared some time with Russian neighbor. At the moment I live in an apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room – and I have three neighbors.