Work Site

How long To work In CATHEDRAL Of a Site Probably, more of an expert CATHEDRAL will smile when reading this title. And the cause is that, at the present time, the promotion needs Web have been transformed into indispensable. That is, who administers to a Web site, it knows that, in fact, by better organic positioning than it has been obtained, is not possible to stop working after the promotion of the page, since the indexing in real time and the new architecture of the finders cause that the changes of positioning are very dynamic. By this, if one does not work of constant form in the CATHEDRAL of the Web, in a moment we will see that the obtained thing with arduous effort will be lost in abrir and closing of eyes. The work in the optimization and positioning of a site begins from the same beginning of the project.

The same election of the dominion will already determine to a great extent the searches in which we will be positioned well, since the URL is one of the factors with more weight at the time of creating the pages of result on the part of Google. The structure of the site, and the form in which it is also constructed will be very important in the profit of good positions. For example, almost without exception, it will be necessary to dedicate to him to a page to each one of the more important key words in those than we wished to make center. Like philosophy, a permanent activity of promotion and positioning agrees to consider. Within the activities that will be unavoidable to take to the customary practice of way we can mention: Development of the content of the site. It is essential to populate the site with optimized content, that facilitates the indexing on the part of the finders.