This ficcional organization, in form of election, when removing the elements chosen of its half one, ficcionaliza. They start to be an instance of the ficcional structure. They imitate iseriana of the elements that characterize processes of election of the Real in sight of usual ficcional metamorphosis (Cf. ISER, 2002:962). 2. The election (mechanism of trespass of the references) implies in the possibility to configure the scienter of a fictitious text: As act to dissimulate, the election makes possible to learn the scienter of a text. Therefore it makes with that definitive systems of felt of the world of the life if convert into fields of reference of the text and these, in turn, in the interpretation of the context (ISER, 2002, 966). Thus, reality selected by the author corresponds to a new form of reconstitution of literary world and not of the simple reference to the one around the author: the intentional object of the text, that must its accomplishment to the irrealizao of the realities that are enclosed in the text introduced world in the text, how much responsible projects for the organization of the personages and its action.

3. The election, while expression of the scienter of the author allows to understand it us as a structure of transistion between the Real, imaginary and the present time, that is tried in the reading act, as the operation of the imaginary one in the real space. The election is for the extraliteral elements, as well as the combination for the intratextuais elements. Both, being acts to dissimulate. It creates a ficcional reality when expanding the Real, and to to irrealizar it, carries through it, bringing up to date it, through the imaginary one. 4. nature impossible existence : The fiction thus exists only in the language, much even so this impossible existence conquanto indispensable either constituted in a way such to take by loan of the language to be reality character, so that it does not create an analogous one for the representabilidade of what it does not fit in the language (Cf.