Sea Apartment

The apartment was with interior decoration – on the floor, lay tile in the hallway, bathroom, living room and balconies, as well as laminate flooring in the bedroom, the walls and ceiling are painted white. Made all findings by electricity, installed outlets and switches. Bathroom, with wc, fully ready – installed all plumbing and water heater. In general. Buy furniture, appliances and live. Finish stairwells marble, beautiful railings, panoramic exterior glass elevator, enclosed area, parking lot, lined with multicolored tiles – all these little details create the perfect mood to relax and stay-furnished comfortable place. Moreover, it is not the house of a top-class, elite, or special – it's just a normal house, which there are hundreds.

This is another advantage of the new houses, construction of "turnkey" is the rule rather than exception. Now, when we already have experience of living in our apartment, I am happy and pleased to recall our experience of buying an apartment in Bulgaria, because we did absolutely the right choice. We got everything we wanted and more -: great neighbors! That we did not expect this was a pleasant surprise for us. Bulgarians – a pleasant and sociable people, very friendly related to Russian. But, all in order that we managed to see over time stay in our apartment. As I said, our apartment is just 60 meters from the sea, ie Sea can be seen, although a bit and be heard. In the summer, at the season, we quietly. The beach is located a little away, in front of our beach house there.