Botanical Garden

And if you really are brave, join the swim team winter camps Rastila for a really refreshing dip. 6. Bucharest (Romania) -32 C in Bucharest will be a little chilly in winter but when spring comes the city making it a destination thawed popular. Known as "Little Paris", you will find that prices are much cheaper than in the French capital. Although it is difficult to find, you can find even better prices to Bucharest. Bucharest offers an intriguing mix of neoclassical architecture, a romantic old town and the imposing buildings that mark the days of communist control.

In addition, the center of the capital is a small artificial lake surrounded by gardens Cismigiu. Bucharest contains several parks and gardens, including Herastrau Park (a large public park located in the north of the city, and the site of the Village Museum) and the Botanical Garden, the largest in Romania, which contains more than 10,000 species plants, many of them exotic. 7. Vilnius (Lithuania) -30 C The capital of Lithuania has benefited from tourist point of being the European Capital of Culture in 2009. The city is well prepared to enjoy winter weekends. A short trip outside the capital, you can take a snowmobile to travel to through snow fields and forest tracks. Stop at the frozen lake to go fishing for dinner, which can be prepared by the chef of the hotel. Then explores the nightlife and meet the locals in one of the many clubs in the old town.

8. Tallinn (Estonia) -30 C Talin is one of the oldest settlements in the region. Welcomes winter visitors with its medieval old town, which becomes a magical white paradise this time of year. Grab your skates and glide on the ice outdoors after a mulled wine in one of the cozy cafes of Tallinn. Visit it in winter and avoid groups of tourists who come to the city, for its cheap beer during the summer months. 9. Nuuk (Greenland) -29.5 C with a fantastic landscape of ice on their doors, Nuuk is one of the most unique capital of the world. Visitors can enjoy a helicopter ride over the vast ice sheet of Greenland, northern visit the ruins or take a wildlife tour by boat whale watching along the coast. The National Museum, located in the old town of Nuuk, near the fjord, is the place to learn more about the past frozen Greenland and its exciting present. 10. Warsaw (Poland) -29 C A favorite of lovers of the culture of Europe, Warsaw has all the class to half price compared to other European cities. Praised for its compact size, Warsaw has an excellent selection of museums, cultural attractions like the Palace of Culture and Science – the tallest building in Poland and imposing example of Stalinist architecture – and the building of the National Opera of Poland. Green spaces are a quarter of the area of Warsaw (82 parks in total), including a wide range of related structures, from small neighborhood parks, green spaces along the streets and in courtyards to large parks historical, historic parks to large areas, nature conservation and urban forests on the fringe of the city. If you dare, you can Poloniadurante cheap flights to all winter. Carlos Hernandez is a passionate wanderers, always ready to backpack and live the adventure. Back home, like a child enjoys telling us about life experiences and stories of people and mysterious places.