Leather Jacket

There are a lot of its rules: Only one accessory should be a bright color (or the background of the the rest of the costume); different pictures on accessories and clothing – this is unacceptable, and the same goes for worn, improperly dressed / tied accessories. The most important thing – the male accessory should not be much. Otherwise, it becomes similar to the Gypsy Baron. A strong smell of perfume This is what can cause hatred of others. First, calm, and then – fierce. Men want to smell good so that was poured over immediately polflakona. Like, the smell of longer will hold. And it's true.

He did not disappear. Even after washing. Bad length trousers / pants A very common mistake. Sometimes it seems that men are simply deprived eye. Their pants are dragged on the floor or barely reach to the knees. Look in the mirror. And yet – when trying on pants, sit in their chairs and on the "squat".

These provisions are "prompt" the correct length. High waist Somehow, many men feel that the more they are stretched their jeans and pants, the better. That is how they begin to resemble clowns. Only the red nose is not enough. Many different colors better to limit the maximum of three colors. And so that each well blended. There special wheel colors. It is important to remember that the shades, standing on it next to each other, not always appropriate for simultaneous use. things Accuracy is not alien to men. Just about the little things sometimes overlooked. For example, a pat, well, not everywhere. It spoils the overall image. Wearing the "Last Seen" on the belt to fasten seat belt mobile phone, handbag and purse – it's not beautiful, it's an inheritance of employees of the market. A combination of incongruous Leather Jacket – sweat pants, sports down jacket – pants, shorts – long sleeve or sweater, coat or jacket – sports shoes. List is endless. Want more examples? Go out into the street. Cap on And if his head and tuck his ears stick out – generally the most gusto. Unfortunately, this is not a figment of imagination. This is reality. Socks with sandals / shale No comment It's certainly not an exhaustive list of our sins, but they are not worth repeating.