Building A Space Hotel

A hotel around which orbits the Earth? Yes. It looks like a science fiction movie but it is not, is a real project in 2012 will see the light thanks to the tenacity of four architects from Catalonia. With the reading of Galactic Suite will understand that a business idea, although it seems very far-fetched, can be realized. Key: five meetings. Can you imagine spending your vacation in a hotel orbiting the Earth, 450 kilometers away at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour? Although it seems a science fiction movie is not, is a real project that a group of Catalan architects and engineers will come true in 2012. Galactic Suite’s work explains in detail the steps taken by these architects for a priori that what may seem like a dream come to be realized and implemented. The book is a clear example that nothing is impossible, that with determination and hard work more risky entrepreneurial projects taking shape and just getting assistance (technical and financial) to be realized.

In particular, they say “It is vital to start any job without prejudice, start any project without knowing the solution. If one gets rid of the preconceived ideas will be much easier to be attentive to the real needs of customers, the world, even before their needs aware of. ” Written for four voices and with much humor, the reader will discover in its pages the strategy of the five meetings necessary to make a success of any business: 1. What: positively identify which is what is wants. 2. Who: getting the enthusiastic participation of both those who believe they can do and those who believe it is completely impossible. 3.

How much: what you actually get from day one has said that it was, ie money. 4. Have who can do what they want. In short, without intermediaries to reach the world of production 5.Using who has the money, preferably on your property. The importance of knowing how to communicate Authors argue that communication is essential and, where appropriate, explain to publicize your project to the press was a great success because it arose as a result of new questions and doubts that, in deciding, outlined the idea. Also, and relatedly, a special emphasis on the need to involve and hopes his idea to most people as possible and different environments, so that their contributions will enrich and improve future business. If you are like most people also want to know the practical details such as hotel galactic know how many rooms will have, how to travel there, what you will eat, how they sleep and what can make space tourists for three days remain in orbit, along the book you will find explanations. But the authors also show realistic. They make it clear that not all initiatives come to fruition. However, warning that must be able to seize all opportunities that may arise around the idea study because, from it, surely other potential projects arise.