Special Forces Base

But, unfortunately, has many disadvantages, the main of which – the inability to operate at low temperatures. Nitrogen and air, similar to the characteristics of gases, it is absolutely undemanding in terms of use: can work in the heat and cold. Require more careful attention to safety measures. Scripts Games paintball: wall to wall task – to destroy the entire enemy team. Each team has one medic who can heal injured players for his team. When hit in the head – nurse did not help.

If involved in any another body part – the player falls to the ground or creeps for shelter if it is within 5 meters and a nurse calls (fire injured player can not). Medic to get to the wounded and heal the wound (to erase the paint). By the players to wash the paint is strictly prohibited. Except maybe 5 wounds in a row – in this case, the player once considered to be completely dead and can not be treated. Corpsmen treat themselves can not.

Capture the Flag on territory designated base warring parties, which set the flags of commands. The task of each team – to get to the enemy base alive, capture the flag and return with him to his base. The release of hostages on the basis of terrorists placed two unarmed hostage. The problem of special forces – for some time to find the hostages, to release and withdraw to their base. Hostages sitting on the ground and can move immovable for Special Forces, severely following the trajectory, only after he touches them up. If the commando, who led the hostage being killed – a hostage crouches and remains in place. The same goes for terrorists. To shoot hostages prohibited as a Special Forces soldiers and terrorists. Destruction of the object problem of terrorists – to smuggle a bomb on the enemy base in a pre-agreed upon by a point and set it there. If a terrorist bomb killed – he must leave a bomb on the ground in place of his death. Neutralization of bombs on the territory of the terrorists in a specific location within a radius of 20 yards set the bomb. The problem of special forces – for a limited time to find the bomb and neutralized. Escort VIP-person task commandos – to hold for some time, VIP-persons from the point A to point B alive. The task of the terrorists – to kill the VIP-persons at the designated interval of the route. vip is armed with 9-tizaryadnym marker-gun and could shoot the terrorists and to act independently without the help of commandos.

Czech Ski Resorts

Skiing in the Czech Republic in 2010. Very strong desire to share with readers his personal information on the types of winter recreation in the Czech Republic. Designate conditions, the cost of services, equipment rental, costs of living Czech towns and villages that provide services for winter sports and all sorts of trails for exercise classes. The Czech Republic is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges and highlands. To the north of Germany and Poland shared with the Czech Republic ridges. To the east, Slovakia, and Austria from the south also have a general mountain border with the Czech Republic. The presence of mountain ranges, as expected, gives rise to the demand for ski resorts, which in the Czech Republic to the universal joy of great number. In questions of what and how to choose a holiday in the Czech Republic in the winter to help webpage or travel almanac of the Czech Republic which is updated every year, all the printed editions of the Czech Republic.

Special tourist programs on weekends in the Czech Television offers real-time online situation at all resorts in the Czech Republic as a reflection of weather forecast, temperature, snow depth, time, work and cost of services. The best option is to resort to small towns out of the tourist development of cities, there are fewer tourists, lower prices, cleaner air and better trails. The quality of the ski slopes corresponds to the pan-European, the Czech Republic is different from the world's ski resorts in Austria and France only on the length of their runs, but the benefits provided to low-cost sports facilities.


Paragliding, paragliding (from ang. Paragliding) – this is a relatively young sport in Russia appeared somewhere in the early 90's, often confused with the glider parachute and even hang glider:), but if you look carefully, you see that the difference between these devices is very important. Paragliding is designed primarily for flight in the upstream. Currently existing models of paragliders have a high degree of safety (for Compared with earlier devices), according to international standards in the case of adding the glider has to get out of a dangerous regime for a maximum of 4 seconds. Paragliding is fairly expensive sport, in addition to the cost of purchasing equipment you need to put in the budget the amount needed to travel to places of safety and accommodation. It all depends on how often you fly, if you are in a winch then consider yourself lucky because the costs significantly reduced. The cost of equipment can be up to 3,000 thousand euros and above, but you can save by buying bu glider and harness. Reserve parachute will not take advice, but in the absence of better to take this than nothing. Y on our website you can watch videos Paraglider, so you can order any paragliding any firms from regional dealers. Club ParamotorsFly manufactures custom () one or two local, paramotor installation skis for trikes. All this you can order by phone listed on our site

Fitness: A Pledge Of Strong Health

It is a pity, but many people believe that beauty, it was originally a beautiful makeup for every lady and certainly trendy hairstyle is definitely for men. In this version, absolutely not suggesting that reality is merely a component of this beauty is absolutely every person on the planet. Home beauty of any person likely will be his own health. Absolutely every person in the world, owning a healthy and also a strong body, definitely would be nice to tell the truth, and thus absolutely no difference what will definitely be a lady makeup, or what a male will hairstyle. Actually it would be possible to was fully proud irresistible body, it is important to adhere to related regulations and rules. Actually these are some rules related to explicit in a real way of everyday life of residents want the land. Them with full responsibility to assign a healthy diet, appropriate mode of work but other than that, and recreation, including the absence of bad habits, say cigarettes as well as hard liquor. Requires, in general, noted that immediately even full implementation of such rules and canons, of course not posodeystvuet formation of a strong and natural and beautiful body.

These are some rules have the opportunity to just this promote. And to get the sought after result, it will be necessary to carry out some physical techniques are very popular for the formation, growth, and also strengthen the muscles absolutely any inhabitant of the earth. In real life, like physical exercise has an incredible number. However, not everything they come for sure everyone who wants to modify his personal body. And it's proper that the issue of employment exercises should be approached as a whole.

This is the case the best example would be a visit of a sports club or the same center. Directly where, under the guidance of a special coach and produce certainly it is appropriate to a specific person a set of exercises. So now, this kind of occupation, and in general this fitness, won almost all the people. Actually it is fitness, make a real many people to create a real physical shape, and in addition to, and natural beauty. Complex exercise, which includes fitness, necessarily involves a person himself fully all popular exercises for a decent load on the human body. And besides that, you should say that the contraindications of fitness facilities, virtually invented, which is why really should be with absolute certainty say that fitness is clearly suitable in principle to anyone. In general, for those people on the planet who want to change your personal body, including in any form to be young, there is this rare opportunity. On such a case would only opt for a personal bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is not just purely exercise program actually is a style of everyday life. Understandably, without adequate skilled assistance engage in bodybuilding, still quite problematic, although in truth and very real. Weighty part of the required information regarding classes such sport, today easily pick up on the Internet, specialized Internet portals. In this version, you must also know that bodybuilding is not only a chance to transform their private body for the better, but also through competition and in addition, and performances to show their fruit, other people on the planet. Bodybuilding, remarkably suitable for both female and male.

Catalonia Discarded

The Generalitat yesterday gave another twist to the strategy to stand up to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia and keep unchanged the language immersion model now questioned by that agency. The counteroffensive, personally orchestrated by the President of the catalan Government, the convergent Artur Mas, and their advisers, focuses on two fronts: the judiciary, denying to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) powers to demand changes to a law in force in less than two months; and the politician with the sight-oriented to the needs of the future Moncloa. CiU is still running with the PP in Catalonia, a preferred partner of the Government in the minority. But the PP perhaps not can count with CiU in Congress in the next parliamentary term, when the party led by Rajoy may require pacts with nationalists if he ends up winning the elections but without achieving an absolute majority. Source of the news:: Catalonia discarded a court to alter its linguistic model

Would You Bet Against Me For 10 Cents In A Game Of Golf ?

To explain how interest rates, and how they can make us earn money, use it as the game of golf analogy: say you're going to play and bet 10 cents on the first hole, doubling the bet on each hole, how much would be betting? Well, if you're familiar with the game of golf, you know you are 18 holes, so how much can be bet on 18 holes? Well, lets see how increasing the bet in the first 9 holes: As you can see, we are betting $ 25. 6, but this is not here, let's see how it goes in the following holes: As you can see, on the 18th hole alava bet up to an incredible $ 13. 107! that's the power of compound interest. Let me illustrate one point: halfway you will see that growth is small, but with a little patience your money really reach a critical point, which begins to grow exponentially. In fact, the hole 15 to hole 18 passes from $ 1,638 to $ 13,107, aen only 4 steps! Now I ask, What would happen if you removed in 10th hole? Had lost more than $ 13,000 in potential gain, if you play better golf than me is why we have money earning interest and wait until the magic of compound interest will allow us to earn money. You see, the vast majority of people start with, say $ 300 monthly savings, but as we saw in the beginning, we did not win much, so many lose patience and withdraw the money.

Inside Delay

You should at least stop bound in the 200-250 kickers to get a good feeling the ball, and move smoothly on sleduyushy level. It is necessary to clarify that footbag player has two sides (legs). Every trick can be done on different sides. It's like the left and right hands rights. Therefore, from the very beginning to train tricks on both sides (!) Is very important.

After the attacks (At least Toe and Inside) will be perfected to the ideal, you can go to the theory and basic movements (moves). The theory is Job's Notation – System indicate movements that need to know to easily navigate the gimmicks and give their performance. (Read articles) Basic movement delays the ball on the leg – Delay Toe Delay – Delay the ball on the surface of the sock Inside Delay – Delay on the inner surface are the two most important basic trick (surface) in footbag. If you prefer, you can learn: Outside Delay – Delay on the outer surface of Knee Delay – The delay on the knee I think it is no secret that the movements that are performed in footbag, the average person does in everyday life. Because of this, the leg muscles are not trained to perform tricks. Therefore, a newcomer to learn to perform a new trick, you will need to repeat it hundreds of times. So please be patience. Now specifically about the basic Delay tricks. Toe Delay leg on which you are going to catch the ball, bent at the knee and raised above the ground.

Russian Olympic Committee

Shame on the Russian Olympic Committee. I feel total outrage what is happening the last few years at the Olympics and other world sports. Our country, as well as the Olympic Committee in her face or other 'Bolshie' sport completely fail to protect our athletes. Therefore, the cases of misuse, just judging arrogant, boorish behavior of the anti-doping committee and not a very good relationship from organizers of sports. Every year, this situation is deteriorating and deteriorating rapidly. and in the end it all falls on our athletes.

Look at the last Olympics was only a couple of ugly antics from the organizers: Irina and sued Doping attached to the skier. And from our side there have been no dramatic statements. And now getting worse and worse. Only one of our athletes who decided to challenge this outrage, it's a great skater – Evgeni . He found the strength to express my complete disagreement with the decision and decided to go all the way up to the trial. And what did our Olympic Committee, do you think? Supported him, helped? Maybe just did not stop him this right, albeit an unpleasant reality? no. Our unmatched committee has stated publicly that he (the Committee) has not any relation to these statements and generally will oppose it. just great! madness that takes place anywhere and everywhere. And after all that disgrace, and even after the President's statement that many of the committee must find the courage to write 'voluntarily'. President of Olympic Committee said in a television interview that he believes are not appropriate given the president's decision and that he personally and the committee generally does not completely to blame for the outcome last season. Here is how everything is simple and clear.

Accelerated Learning

be able to: to make the right decisions with the rapid development of emergency; A.4.4. possess: psychological resistance to unexpected situations in during the landing. A.5. The program provides training an athlete to the level of category "A". To receive the certificate Category "A" athlete must: have at least 20 jumps, to determine altitude, the point separation and the delay in disclosure, land in three jumps at a distance of no more than 20 m from the goal to be able to stop unstable drop and take the correct posture for the disclosure of a parachute, maintain direction during free fall, make a turn, able to move horizontally in a free incidence of other parachutists commit no less than 3 hops in tandem with an instructor (an athlete), to know how to pack the main parachute and inspect equipment to jump. The concept of aff. This method of preparation called Accelerated Learning in a free fall because the process of learning from three to five times shorter than the training of parachutists on the traditional method of jumping on the forced disclosure of a parachute.

Method developed by aff to conduct an intensive, individual training students who wish to seriously pursue skydiving. Very brave, indeed, this program created a systematic and carefully. The method uses the skills machinery and equipment used in modern parachuting. At the first jump of the Program aff, the student feels the stability of the fall and has an opportunity to practice it with the direct assistance of trainers for more time than any other method of training.

When Travel Is Not A Pleasure

Bedbugs crushed walls, climbing through the wooden bed, emerging from the wooden floor. Bed bugs smell, apart from bites. Who said that travel is a pleasure? For the Martha Gellhorn (1908-1998), American writer and journalist often was not, perhaps because he too tempted to luck: he traveled to 53 different countries, lived in seven and had 11 permanent houses throughout his life. And that many times the mission was exciting: do stories about the Sino-Japanese war; Search the ravages of German submarines in the Caribbean Islands during World War II, make a safari of pleasure across West Africa to this in any case, on five occasions was a living hell. And so is the title of the book that collects these epics for the first time in Spanish: five trips to hell (Altair). Or, in his words: my best terrible trips. Source of the news:: when travel is not a pleasure