The times in them we hide as much that we lose until the compassing of the life we do not know who we are, for where we go, so that we are or so that we live or if we live. A related site: David A. Wagner mentions similar findings. our dreams go as smoke even so, for where the wind light without route nor the direction, but we cannot live without dreams and also we cannot live inside of them, we have that to use them as combustion it life and never to make them the direction of the life, therefore the life has felt with the conclusion of our dreams, is they them simpler as to work, to study and most difficult, that are every day smile to say that it loves the people hugging these people to make these if to feel special with you for close, the times do not make this for shyness or pure ego, but every day we need to survive all in this world then day that can look at one more time for the sun is a victory, then when you smile for somebody it is not alone saving the life of this person but its also, for the daily transformations that they can I appeared..