The Direction

Valley to stand out that the bat is a strange being in accordance with analysis that we make of it in comparison, however, the idea who we make of the form bats some defines what they really are. What if it passes with it, its sensations, as it perceives the world its return, that is, its fenomenal conscience is something that is of cogitao affirms that it is of this or in that way with some degree of probability. On account of this difficulty, better saying, ahead of the impossibility to say as if of the experience of the bat in being bat it is that we go to point, taking in account the problem mind-body, mind-world. Teixeira affirms that it is possible that it is mapeada the cerebral impulses of a form person to discover that it is feeling heat, however is not safe to determine which the intensity of the heat somebody he is feeling, that is, a scientist can until saying what I am feeling, however is ahead of the absolute impossibility to say as I am feeling heat or cold, sadness or joy euphoria or depression. If it is impossible to the men to know if rats, pigeons or bats have conscience and, if it has which is the degree of this conscience, then one in such a way more complicated for somebody is determines as another human being perceives the world.

It will be of the same one that I perceive? Which are the variants of this perception? Therefore I conclude what if it considered in the heading, is impossible that let us be brains in one clinks or Cuba on account of the singularity of the experience. I go to present two reasons to try to prove my assertion. First it is the proper Putnam that raises the questioning: if we fossemos a brain we could be now thinking on the possibility to be a brain in a Cuba? I transcribe in the complete one what Reale says on this However, the reply to such question is: not! The reply she is negative, because the hypothesis of that we are a brain in a Cuba if auto-it refutes in the direction of that its truth floodgates its falseness.