Inside Delay

You should at least stop bound in the 200-250 kickers to get a good feeling the ball, and move smoothly on sleduyushy level. It is necessary to clarify that footbag player has two sides (legs). Every trick can be done on different sides. It's like the left and right hands rights. Therefore, from the very beginning to train tricks on both sides (!) Is very important.

After the attacks (At least Toe and Inside) will be perfected to the ideal, you can go to the theory and basic movements (moves). The theory is Job's Notation – System indicate movements that need to know to easily navigate the gimmicks and give their performance. (Read articles) Basic movement delays the ball on the leg – Delay Toe Delay – Delay the ball on the surface of the sock Inside Delay – Delay on the inner surface are the two most important basic trick (surface) in footbag. If you prefer, you can learn: Outside Delay – Delay on the outer surface of Knee Delay – The delay on the knee I think it is no secret that the movements that are performed in footbag, the average person does in everyday life. Because of this, the leg muscles are not trained to perform tricks. Therefore, a newcomer to learn to perform a new trick, you will need to repeat it hundreds of times. So please be patience. Now specifically about the basic Delay tricks. Toe Delay leg on which you are going to catch the ball, bent at the knee and raised above the ground.