Preconception Lingustico

To make the adequacy of language to the context is a necessary good. However we do not have that to approach the question of what is right or wrong in question of the norms of the language, it is only necessary to respect the cultural and lingustica diversity in our community. Necessary to reflect, when it will be to point ‘ ‘ erro’ ‘. However, at the moment where we see a fight immense to abolish the most diverse types of preconception, that one of the lingustico type continues unknown is of the academic projects, and what it is still worse, stimulated for the medias, as the radio and the TV.

To say that to fight the lingustico preconception, he is each one to make its part, is improper, therefore this type of preconception nor would have to exist. We need at least is to have ethical. The occult norm: language & to be able in the Brazilian society.