Ralph Johnson

The GoF mentions it primeirocatlogo on standards of projects whose it is formed by the members Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides. After the publication destelivro, the standards of projects had had a bigger focus, became enlarged the number delivros telling standards and paradigms of construction and development desoftware, but, the book of GoF is one of the first ones, and more definitivosobre standards of projects. ' ' … Alexander leaves clearly that its standards ajudama to serve and to inspire the people who will go to occupy due construes.' ' (METSKER, 2004, p.18). Following the same thought of Christopher Alexander, we can compare its ideas and relates when we project them a software, in it we look for to reach an objective: that software is of utmost importnciapara our customers, fulfilling with our stated periods and objectives to obtain aaprovao in a possible more satisfactory level.

The software community made to resound the boarding to deAlexander and created many books that register development standards desoftware. These books the best ones register practise for process desoftware, analyze of software and projects of high level and in the level of classroom. Umpadro of project is a standard a way to reach an objective what utilizaclasses and its methods in a guided language the object. (METSKER, 2004, p.18). The desenvolvedores in its bigger part search solutions paraseus problems, when using standards of projects, or after having knowledge emalguma programming language, or still already to have programmed for some time. Perhaps before this, we observe that codes of other programmers seem maisfuncional and simpler, but, that they demand a little more than time to analyze, and you if question, as this code of this desenvolvedor arrived at such point desimplicidade and bureaucracy. With the increase of the complexity of the applications to be desenvolvidastorna basic the use of an architecture, or standards of projects, frequently elesdependem of the characteristics as polimorfismo and inheritance, general oprincipio of project standards is that this boarding either aplicadaigualmente to all the boardings of software project, thus our projects for good andamentodos elescontribuam such volvedor arrived aossosm our projects and that it helps in to fulfill them our goals.