Same Diameter

The fact is that in aviation, in order to facilitate weight of the structure, often using different aluminum alloys. Shells are made from aircraft engines alloy AL-3 AL-5, etc. And aggregates equipment engine, naturally attached to them on steel studs. Due to vibrations in the long-term operation, such a connection with the case a few pins of softening in the housing formation leaks and ryhloty, the compound loses its required strength. In order to eliminate these defects is widely used method of thick rods, that is, there are repairs pins with the same pitch thread, but somewhat larger diameter, and technology repairs engine designer specifies the maximum allowed (providing sufficient strength) diameter studs repair.

But this method is widely known, during repair operations disaster recovery chopping piano also applies, nothing new here I do not "discovered", and another thing that is often broken seat, so that no repair peg larger diameter, does not provide a normal connection, and specially made, disparate diameter pin is already having an impact on the neighboring compound razuprochnyaya have them. Interested me more, in individual and exceptional cases, for example, a single flight, ferrying aircraft to the base, at an air technique uses a somewhat unusual way, namely "how footcloths", hence the terminology I use. The thread of the stud softening compound podmatyvaetsya lead thread, or, in some cases even lead foil. Connection with the hardened, which allows us to provide sufficient bond strength to established TBO aeronautical engineering. In my search I have tried many different materials, including single-and multi-component adhesives with different fillings. Hear other arguments on the topic with Secretary of Agriculture. The most efficient and durable (oddly enough) was a regular corrugated cardboard, which provides the required quality and the restoration is quite fast, with virtually no material costs without the risk of "disorder" adjacent pins, which inevitably arises in the classic "finishing" chopping. Depending on the compound, this material allows for multiple settings for a long time operation tool.