Group Environment

The environment uses the concept of groups, where the registered pupils will have its disposal the offered courses, that can be offered for only one pupil, or specific group. The environment still makes possible, the student to visualize its progression in the course consulting its register of classifications. Conclusion Currently the use of the ED comes constantly increasing in all the education institutions. The fact is that, independent of a course, either it graduation, after graduation or technician, the Institution must have a planning and a team of qualified professionals in the area. The fact of the Program e-Tec to offer to courses technician strengthens this idea, therefore the program aims in such a way to form professionals enabled to the work market how much the traditional actual courses. It does not remain doubt that Ensino in the distance goes to more become enlarged each time in the next years, and this expansion causes a consequence increase in the quality and the methods of education. It fits to the Institutions to invest heavy in this area, using new technologies and resources in its department of ED, therefore the market demands a professional exactly each more qualified time, for that already they are employees, what it generates a great search for courses in the distance that they do not demand a schedule of preset study, what many times empecilho caused one the people who did not make use of a hourly fixture to study.

Through the Program e-Tec, diverse Federal Justinian codes had obtained investments of the Government to organize its in the distance already traditional actual courses in the modality. The very great search rees-echo in the increase of cities interested in installing a polar region of actual support in one of its municipal schools, generating an interest of the inhabitants to improve each time more, aiming at a formation of quality and a better rank in the work market. Bibliography BRITO, Mrio Sergio Da Silva, Technologies for the EAD By Internet, s.d. Available in:, consulted in: 16 of February of 2011. KEYS, Eduardo.

the C. Technology in the Education, Education in the distance, and Learning Mediated for the Technology: Basic conceptualization, 1999. Available in:*, consulted in: 16 of February of 2011. MEC, Ministry of the Education. E-Tec Brazil? School Open Technique of Brazil, 2007a. Available in:, consulted in 02 of July of 2009. MEC, Ministry of the Education. Establishment of actual support, 2007b. Available in:, consulted in 02 of July of 2009. PINE, J.M.S. The computer in the school, 2007. Available in:, consulted in 12 of August of 2009.


Published in the INI 2009 rutting, the new vestibule of the MEC, and one of the most beautiful works in Joomla. Diverse other blicos sites pu use the tool pra the management of conteu of, therefore these relate ncias and what they become the Joomla each time better and dina mico. Next to Direction of Comunicac’ to the one of the UFFS they had been defined relac’ you are enters it conteu of and the functionalities of the site. Localizac’ to the one of menus, links and distribuic’ to the one it conteu of it of the one in the layout of the gina Par had been focadas in the praticidade and the pido access frog what usua river searchs. Superior and lateral menus fara the o paper of the easiness of the access in set conteu with it of the literal appearance and in the center of the gina Par. 2,3 DEVELOPMENT PROCESS c r i c’ to d and u m s it and d i n m i c and n v l v and d i v and r s s p r and – r and qu is it the s and pr gone io r of s.

First and necessa river to implant a CMS for the development of the gesta system. Leaving of this the development can be initiated of functionality, as navegac’ to and the menus, and customizac’ to the one of the ginas style of the Par, as images and colors. 3 PHP (one acro nimo recursivo for ” PHP: Preprocessor” hypertext;) a language of programac’ to the one of computers interpreted, it exempts and very used to generate it conteu of the mico dina in the World Wide Web, as for example the Wikipe day..

Ralph Johnson

The GoF mentions it primeirocatlogo on standards of projects whose it is formed by the members Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides. After the publication destelivro, the standards of projects had had a bigger focus, became enlarged the number delivros telling standards and paradigms of construction and development desoftware, but, the book of GoF is one of the first ones, and more definitivosobre standards of projects. ' ' … Alexander leaves clearly that its standards ajudama to serve and to inspire the people who will go to occupy due construes.' ' (METSKER, 2004, p.18). Following the same thought of Christopher Alexander, we can compare its ideas and relates when we project them a software, in it we look for to reach an objective: that software is of utmost importnciapara our customers, fulfilling with our stated periods and objectives to obtain aaprovao in a possible more satisfactory level.

The software community made to resound the boarding to deAlexander and created many books that register development standards desoftware. These books the best ones register practise for process desoftware, analyze of software and projects of high level and in the level of classroom. Umpadro of project is a standard a way to reach an objective what utilizaclasses and its methods in a guided language the object. (METSKER, 2004, p.18). The desenvolvedores in its bigger part search solutions paraseus problems, when using standards of projects, or after having knowledge emalguma programming language, or still already to have programmed for some time. Perhaps before this, we observe that codes of other programmers seem maisfuncional and simpler, but, that they demand a little more than time to analyze, and you if question, as this code of this desenvolvedor arrived at such point desimplicidade and bureaucracy. With the increase of the complexity of the applications to be desenvolvidastorna basic the use of an architecture, or standards of projects, frequently elesdependem of the characteristics as polimorfismo and inheritance, general oprincipio of project standards is that this boarding either aplicadaigualmente to all the boardings of software project, thus our projects for good andamentodos elescontribuam such volvedor arrived aossosm our projects and that it helps in to fulfill them our goals.

Electronic Arts

The fight of the games of Formula race 1 has esquentado sufficiently in the PC. Of a side, we have always delayed (in the season) however popular Grand Prix of Microprose, fighting against its rich cousin, of Electronic Arts, F1 *insira the year aqui*. But the competition can be something good, and this year we count on two excellent products, that promise to be white of the quarrels of galera that it tans race games. Grand Prix 4, as prays the tradition, brings given outdated of the official season (in only one year, happily). But, again following the anterioras versions, already a series of downloads of fans exists bringing all type of possible and imaginable alteration – a strong point of the mark. A time inside of the game, the virtual pilot is collated with a menu confused, however estiloso. After some clicks you will see one engine graphical sufficiently robust, with graphs sufficiently improved of the previous edition.

Unhappyly, the price of this is well high: the game practically demands a well powerful machine – especially in the processor – and not it twirled in used Pentium III 500MHz in the test. In Athlon XP the 1500, however, thing changed form, and the speed sensation is more present of what never. One of the new features, is two new cameras, one of them that it includes the helmet in the screen – only for hardcore, without a doubt. They are small details as this that guarantee the allegiance of the followers of the series. Another plastic surgery happened with the team of Pit Stop, that now comes total in 3D and carries through differently each one of the tasks of maintenance in detail. But, as of custom, the point strongest is the artificial intelligence of the excessively running ones. Each virtual corridor seems to have proper life, and to the times you until if question if Microprose did not hide a way to multiplayer online private, where the employees control the too much cars in the championship. Some of the reactions frightfully seem human beings, and are easy to perceive differences between styles of corridors.

The creator of the game, Geoff Crammond, if is proud of implemented artificial intelligence, while critical they costumavam to arrive in the physical simulation of the sport. Players more demanding must to complain of cars that seems to grudar excessively in the track (something that can be modified with a little of knowledge of the structure of the program) and of some cases of uncommon whirls, among others things. In the same way, the strokes and deformations of the cars can seem one suspicion in such a way. The controls in the keyboard continue sufficiently accessible, and the support for joystick and projection is robust. No fan goes to be surpreso in this department. All the part of personalization of the cars comes back the same with impact of before. The fight between fans of F1 and GP is seemed the fight between fans of the games of soccer of the Konami and the EA: if you prefer one the other, are better to be with the preferred mark, therefore each one of them seems to specialize itself in some things and to always sin in others – but keeping a distinct style.

The Technology Of Planting Potatoes In The Farm

Adelaide begins to farm planting. Spring field work begins with the harrowing of the soil to retain moisture that has accumulated in autumn and winter. In the Kherson region under harrowing early potatoes not conduct, and immediately prepare the ground for planting. This is due to a sufficiently early time frame fit, as well as a decrease of mechanical load on the soil. Each successive soil pereuplotnyaet operation and destroys the structure that unacceptable for the potatoes. An important element is the technology of potato preplant tillage.

The purpose of pre-plant – to create a stable "melkokomkovuyu" soil structure with sufficient amount of time and good contacts with the lower water storage layers. The soil in the spring should be treated only to the required depth to reduce water loss, in the area, is a limiting factor. The farm uses complex machines with shaped teeth, spring harrows and rollers. Cultivation is carried out at a depth of 12-14 cm, it provides the necessary loose soil structure, prevents excessive moisture loss as compared to milling and get high performance. It is very important to ensure optimal density plantings. It depends on several factors, the seed crop is is 50-57 thousand. 1 hectare, while the commodity crop that ranges from 38 to 45 thousand.

1 hectare. Should take into account the fraction of planting material, tubers with small fraction (less than 35 mm) planted density of 40-45 thousand pcs. 1 ha, with an average (35-55 mm) fraction of 38 – 42 thousand. 1 ha, and large (55-75) – 33 – 38 thousand. 1 ha. Among the varieties of potatoes are planted on the farm are as follows: in the early group – Rivera, Ariel, Karatop, Erou; group average maturity – Molly, Courage, Roco, Romantsev, technical grade – Karlen, pyrrole, Bonus. Optimal timing of planting potatoes occur upon heating the soil up to 5-8 C at a depth of 10-12 cm in the Kherson region for early production run certain risks, planting potatoes in the early period, this period is 2-3 decade of March.