Wright Brothers

If you try to trace the history of the appearance of the names of U.S. states, it turns out that most of these beautiful and exotic names are preserved for a long time and are taken from the language of the Indians. Perhaps it was easier to list names of states, that would not have Indian roots. Is no exception, and Ohio. Arthur Sadoun may find this interesting as well. Its name, this state is obliged to Indians who lived on the banks of the beautiful and flowing rivers.

Its greatness was appreciated by the local residents, who called the river "Beautiful" or "Big River" – Ohio. Later it became the name of the state. In fact, deep river, with numerous tributaries, flowing majestically along the low hills that are quite smoothed on the approach to Lake Erie, is indeed the most striking scenery of the state. It seems that everything in this state must comply with this leisurely rhythm, but it just seems to most tourist attractions in Ohio. This may seem surprising, but Ohio is a major industrial state, here are mined minerals, actively produced cars aerospace engineering. The Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong, who first set foot on Moon, were natives of that state, as remember and remind, not only guides, but also a museum of aviation and space museum and the Air Force. Visiting a museum, and carefully examining the most interesting exhibits, do not forget that you must take care of gifts for their loved ones. Wherefore, do not forget to go to the museum shop.


In Theodosius I rested 2-wa times: in 2005, and in 2006. Impressions of your holiday I want to share with you. In this article I also explain that now is an interesting look over or to visit in the resort city, will give separate recommendations, which, of course, you can help. To get to Feodosia few possible ways. The most favorable view for tourists – it is by rail. Most often, the summer period different cities allowed train direct connection up to Theodosia, because that town is away from the main railway line of the peninsula. If you have not got tickets to take a direct train from your city or these trains can not walk, in this case did not despair.

Arrive in Simferopol (commuter bus is located next to the railway along), is out on a comfortable bus get up to Theodosia. 2:00 paths and once your goal you kindly smiles. I myself went through both times Simferopol – just before it is much easier to get tickets. The next problem that will arise before the rest – it's housing. In case you have not booked yourself room in one of the various resorts, sanatoriums, rest homes or hotels, in this case does not regret. Directly at the train station sitting grandmother who rent rooms or houses in the private sector. There are many representatives of real estate, which will offer you a settlement in an apartment or room in an apartment or dorm. If you are not satisfied with the private sector, in which case it makes sense to come to the resettlement office visitors, then you try to find other accommodation.

Cyclops Polyphemus

Sicilians love and respect your volcano. And treats it with special indescribable awe. Old people say about Etna as a woman: That she wore a hat out of the clouds, here it is terrible – all in thunderstorm clouds, that's the opposite, smiling and alluring – with silver edging out of the snow on his head, flashing and winking at the bottom of all standing, or becomes suddenly mysterious – turning half the clouds, like a shawl. That's talking about her as a wayward but beloved woman: the Etna like this lady – her character. And sometimes she shows it – about once every 3 months Etna erupts, so that will not find it. While on the other hand the disastrous eruption is extremely low, and casualties as rule did not happen – all in time manage to escape. And what legends wound residents of his beloved volcano, dating back to the Greeks So the Greeks peopled Etna cyclops, the most famous of which was a one-eyed Cyclops Polyphemus, that clever Odysseus, got into his hands, so as not to be eaten, put out one eye and fled, and Polyphemus subsequently furious metal in the water blocks and chunks of rock, by the way, rocks to the ppe has rise from the water, recalling the History of Polyphemus. Nothing was left unattended and the heat of the volcano. In its very womb, in the depths of the fiery lava vents, the Greeks placed in the heart of Etna's forge of Vulcan – that there is something in the hell of Hephaestus and forged their swords. However, Aetna pays for people with interest for their love and respect: the slopes of the volcano is incredibly rich in natural substances, so there are all sorts of horticultural crops are grown, ranging from apples, and ending with olives, and another on the slopes of Mount Etna always collect superb vintage, the wine is highly valued for its taste.

Gifts From The Carpathians And Dracula

How beautiful this world! Is there a place on earth where it had not found that to see and what to keep as a souvenir, a souvenir to bring my family? Especially when it's not just the traditional souvenir, but something memorable, exotic, reflecting the particular place of travel. It's no wonder the Japanese believe that every thing, natural or man-made, brings the energy information. Therefore, before buying a gift, better look around, take a closer look and opt for the unique things you will stay. So, we have Romania, known for its dense forests and unforgettable Carpathians. It is from this place want to begin your journey.

Not in vain, the mountains of Romania were the ancient name of Corona Montium. They are so gorgeous and majestic, that attract tourists and skiers from around the world. Do not worry if you can not skiing. You have the opportunity to learn not only the confidence to stand on them, but bravely repelled ski poles, are increasingly adding speed. You can learn to ride on the ski resorts of Poiana Brasov, or Busteni and Azuga, Sinaia, Predeal. And not to forget the "great moments" associated with the grandeur and majesty of the mountains, buy a gift my mother the most beautiful skies and the necessary equipment. Gift "push" for further Travel on the "hills and valleys." And in the winter time is useful and helps you to feel the natural features of Romania, even on hilly terrain. Who has not been in Paris, you can safely visit the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Malaga International Airport

The town of Mijas is an exclusive attraction – the donkey taxis. In taxis 20 animals, which accompanies the drover in the Spanish national costume. Tourists are offered a ride on a donkey to the monastery Virgin Virgen de la Pena, who was in the 17 th century carved into the rock, and has in the opinion of local residents healing properties. The city has everything you need for a fulfilling life and leisure: shops and restaurants, cafes and bars, banks, hospitals and parks. From Mijas to Malaga International Airport (Malaga) 25 km. Beaches in Mijas sand, punctuated by rocks, which in some places down to the sea. For nature lovers in Mijas is a botanical garden.

In its territory freely walk roosters, and their loud cries are a kind of business card of the city. Mijas long been chosen by wealthy Europeans – the British and the natives of Western Europe. Why not follow their example and do not buy real estate in Mijas? The average price of apartments ranging from 135.000 (1 bedroom apartments) up to 300.000 (apartments with 3 bedrooms). Cost Townhouse – from 300.000 , and villas – from 630.000 . Estepona (Estepona) Estepona (Estepona) – a city on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol), part of the province of Malaga (Malaga).

Malaga Estepona separated 100 km. Occupies an area of 137 km2. The city population is 60,328 people (as of 2007). Sandy beach stretches for 23 km, there are 17 beaches.

Hotels In Turkey

Turkey has one of the most developed systems of hotels. So the variety of choice to suit every taste and wealth can boast not every tourist country. Hotels in Turkey provide the highest comfort and excellent conditions accommodation to meet the needs of even the most discerning travelers from around the world. What is important to know when choosing hotel – Turkey is a country where virtually no bad hotels. Hotels in Turkey, most of them have positive feedback as hotels are not even the highest category (2 * and 3 *) maintain high quality recreation and recognized European standards. All-inclusive "- the card hotels in Turkey, you do not need take care of the additional embezzlement for food and lodging – cost of the trip will include everything you need to relax. Almost all hotels in Turkey are equipped for a comfortable and pleasant stay: air conditioning, telephone, shower A national of Turkish bath, a small water park, relaxation and massage centers can boast of almost any hotel – Turkey is a country where you can relax with a wonderful health benefits. Hotels in Turkey, the overwhelming majority are single rooms with one king bed or two averages. Standard – 1, 2, and 3-occupancy can offer virtually any hotel – Turkey is not different accommodation in hotels of most tourist countries. If necessary, for the third tourist in the room can install an extra bed. The first impression of the country, which receive tourists, who arrived bask in the hot sun and splash in the warm waters of the Mediterranean – a hotel – Turkey does not disappoint its guests quality hotels!

Swami Vivekanand

Curious watch as one conqueror after another, gradually integrate into Indian society and culture. This situation can be likened to moving a crowded train in which at each stop trying to enter new passengers, while already in its endeavor to put it. Similarly, a train of Indian culture is constantly in motion, despite attempts by this place. This process has been continuous since the Aryans. List of countries that tried to conquer India, it looks pretty impressive. It tried to do the Persians, Greeks, Bactrians, desks, guna, Shaka, Arabs, Afghans and Turks, and all of them eventually became an integral part of the culture of this country.

Swami Vivekanand Since time immemorial, religious tolerance and perception were the main dominant Indian culture. This truth has found a brilliant embodiment of the famous Swami Vivekananda's address to the participants of the Parliament of Religions in Chicago, September 11, 1893. I'm proud. that belong to the nation – he said, which has sheltered the persecuted and persecuted followers of all religions and all nations on earth. This kind of synthesis also finds its expression in literature and language. 'Gak, for example, such language as Urdu, is the result of contact with the local Indian population invading a country Mamoud hordes from Asia. Then, over the years that language is the primary means of communication between Hindus and Muslims. And when the emperor Babur came to India, he did not find anything there purely Hindu, as well as a purely Muslim. So he talked about the lifestyle of Hindustani.

What To Bring As A Gift From Latvia ?

Going on a trip to Latvia, we expect to see something familiar from childhood, and something totally new. We were impressed by the European appearance of towns and Russian speech on their streets, the strict nature of the north and bustle of the centers. Head spun from the impressions of contrasts and new discoveries. "I must not forget to tell you about this at home" – we think. – "It will impress friends and parents, to close It's time to remember the gift! He will be weighty addition to the story, and where not enough words, the gift will describe for you. So, let's go on a proper tour of Latvia. In the journey for a gift! Where are typically presents? Of course, in the stores! "Ah," You sigh in disappointment – "Recovers surprise: where else to buy gifts!" Not exactly.

The best gifts of this country in a large assortment of really belong on the shelves of its stores. First of all, it's cosmetic line . Maybe you remember this makeup your mom? It is still not inferior in quality to the world's leading brands. Therefore, the gift will truly gorgeous! From cosmetics shop moved into the clothing store. And here, too find jerseys Latvian factories. Quality – excellent! Remember the glory of "jersey from the Baltic States"? So, first of all it appeared by the Latvian products! Shop still good and the fact that, thanks impressive range, you can pick up as an intimate gift to a loved one, and quite neutral gift to a distant relative.

Sea Apartment

The apartment was with interior decoration – on the floor, lay tile in the hallway, bathroom, living room and balconies, as well as laminate flooring in the bedroom, the walls and ceiling are painted white. Made all findings by electricity, installed outlets and switches. Bathroom, with wc, fully ready – installed all plumbing and water heater. In general. Buy furniture, appliances and live. Finish stairwells marble, beautiful railings, panoramic exterior glass elevator, enclosed area, parking lot, lined with multicolored tiles – all these little details create the perfect mood to relax and stay-furnished comfortable place. Moreover, it is not the house of a top-class, elite, or special – it's just a normal house, which there are hundreds.

This is another advantage of the new houses, construction of "turnkey" is the rule rather than exception. Now, when we already have experience of living in our apartment, I am happy and pleased to recall our experience of buying an apartment in Bulgaria, because we did absolutely the right choice. We got everything we wanted and more -: great neighbors! That we did not expect this was a pleasant surprise for us. Bulgarians – a pleasant and sociable people, very friendly related to Russian. But, all in order that we managed to see over time stay in our apartment. As I said, our apartment is just 60 meters from the sea, ie Sea can be seen, although a bit and be heard. In the summer, at the season, we quietly. The beach is located a little away, in front of our beach house there.