The analysis software are leading European centres of health SEMCARE test in the clinical routine, Freiburg 21 January 2014 with a funding of 1.5 million euro, the Commission supports the multidisciplinary project SEMCARE. Aims to develop of a HealthIT platform that facilitates the diagnosis in the field of rare diseases and allows patients participate in clinical trials. Currently it is not possible for almost 80% of clinical trials in a timely manner to accept the necessary number of patients, which significantly delayed the development of new medicines. The automated, content analysis of patient data to optimize clinical trials in several ways. If you have read about Jack Fusco already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Rather, patients can benefit from new drugs and therapies. Drugmakers can before completing their studies and earlier to bring new medicines to market. The Averbis GmbH, the leading supplier in the field of semantic technologies in the health sector, assumes the coordination of project by SEMCARE.

“Especially in the field of rare Disorders are diagnosed frequently late or not at all patients.”explains Dr. med. Philipp Daumke, Managing Director of Averbis. “Through content and statistical evaluations of clinical data we can give doctors valuable decision-making AIDS and facilitate the diagnosis. Patients get treatment faster, access to clinical trials.” Leading European health centers from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Austria will test the analysis software for the analysis of medical data until the end of 2015 in everyday clinical and optimize. “Philipp Daumke adds: the long-term goal is to establish SEMCARE as the leading platform of analysis, the clinics throughout Europe helps the diagnosis and patient selection for clinical trials.” The promotion of SEMCARE takes place in the tender “Technology for digital content and languages” (technologies for digital content and languages) within the seventh framework programme of the European Commission for information and Communication technologies (ICT).

List of the participating project partners: Averbis GmbH, Germany Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam, Netherlands Medical University of Graz, Austria Saint George’s University of London, United Kingdom Synapse research partners S.L., Spain the Averbis GmbH is management specialist must for text analytics solutions, and everywhere there present, content structure where companies effectively explore data, and evaluate targeted. In the Centre is the analysis of unstructured and structured data, such as social media data, news, Web resources, reports, patents, corporate information, E-Mails and research literature. Averbis’s software allows the development and exploitation of this knowledge sources and serves the automation of information processes. The solutions contribute to cost reduction, increased productivity, informed decisions and better predictions through integration into existing business processes. Special know-how is in the health and pharmaceutical industries in the Automotive industry, libraries and publishing.