Finish Mortar

Applied to the outer layer of brick paint must be able to 'breathe', ie skip moisture in the brick wall outside, and not to detain her under the film. Secretary of Agriculture does not necessarily agree. Unlike oil, latex paint generally provide a constant. Acrylic paints are resistant to alkaline corrosion resistance to alkaline corrosion is the second most important reason for which is recommended to use 100%-WIDE acrylic paints. The alkalinity of the surface of the wall may have a significant impact on the durability and performance of the paint. Although the bricks are usually chemically neutral solution of brickwork can be alkaline. This means that the use of fresh mortar to repair or replace missing or shaky bricks you should wait at least a month before painting so that the alkalinity decreased. Damage less than a year ago mortar can be caustic and cause a 'burn' or deterioration of the conventional paint binder, followed by salting, as well as cracking and separation.

Nevertheless high-quality paint, manufactured from 100% acrylic binder, resistant to high pH, which allows you to paint again caused the mortar after 30 days. If the paint should be deal earlier this time, you should use an alkali resistant, construction primer. The new mortar is also more prone to salting-out, which can penetrate through the film normal latex paint and ruin the finish. High-quality latex paint for exterior coatings form a protective barrier that prevents the penetration of salts through the film and thus prevent the deterioration of the appearance that is an additional advantage in comparison with cheaper 'standard' colors. In general, despite the fact that high-quality latex paint for exterior coatings are more expensive than conventional latex paints, over time they will be longer maintain the appearance and save time and money because there will be no need for frequent repairs.

Feature Steel Doors: Burglary

The term "steel door" – this is the most correct definition that applies to the use of modern protective entrance doors. He, unlike some used by people who are far from professional topics, words "Metal", "iron" or "armored" front door passes the better characteristics of the object. Selim Bassoul spoke with conviction. Steel entrance door – a very common and popular means of engineering and technical protection from the invasion of premises, it is confirmed and statistical studies, and the ever-increasing consumer demand. Nevertheless, the choice of the front door – not an easy task. Market safe doors in Russia is vast and very diverse: manufacturing, sales and installation takes a lot of Russian and foreign companies and their representatives. It should be understood that the door is ideal for all consumers, does not exist. Selecting Doors determines the overall site security, and location of doors, and even the material walls of the house and its condition. Therefore, it is important to start to define the situation, which will be used entrance steel door, and then highlight the most important details needed.

Now let's focus on such characteristics as the burglary. Proof safes door release several categories burglary. Domestic inputs Door has 13 classes of burglary in accordance with State standards, and foreign – 6 classes (with an additional letter designation) standards. Resistance class steel door against the intrusion is determined in result of mandatory tests, using appropriate tools – both manual and electric. Entrance steel safe door of the third class are characterized as doors, which the expert can not open with the use of any tools, including electric.

The doors of the fourth class to protect against all types of firearms. Therefore, to protect the apartment, house or office against burglary suitable safe entrance door of the first four classes of domestic and foreign standard. If a certificate issued by the manufacturer specified 4.2 grade burglary, this is usually enough to protect your home. Do not forget to request a certificate confirming protective properties of the door for companies whose main specialty – selling safe door. It's worth noting that the doors that have special properties that are losing some of the other indicators, such as bullet-proof doors show considerable wear locks and moving parts, which reduces their resistance to the so-called "intelligent burglar." The higher class of burglary, the higher the cost of the door, special properties are also premium price.

Extruded Polystyrene

The material is a slab thickness of 20 to 100 mm. Form the edge of the material used most often – "step", allowing to reduce the cold bridge at the junction plates. Sheet size 1200 * 600 mm with the form edge "step", 1240 * 640 with a straight edge. The surface may be smooth or embossed. Slabs are packed on a few pieces by a pack of plastic film (the number of plates in the stack depends on their thickness). Can be stored outdoors at any time of year. The material is ecologically safe for humans and the environment, suitable for the production of works and if you move. Grades produced material: Teplex – Economy 35XPS, Teplex 35XPS, Teplex 45XPS.

Characteristics of the material due to its structure. Extruded polystyrene has a coherent microstructure, which is a lot of closed cells filled with gas molecules. Material characterized by low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, low deformation, zero capillarity, long life. Extruded polystyrene insulation is applied as in major housing, industrial and commercial construction, individual building, construction of roads and railways. Material marks 45 Teplex recommended as a building insulation in the device operated under roof parking. Application grade material Teplex 35XPS recommended for thermal insulation of foundations, basement walls and basement. Extruded polystyrene is used for thermal insulation of walls, ceilings, floors and roofs.

According to fire certificates Security TEPLEX heaters have the following indicators. Teplex-economy 35XPS: – flammability group G4, GOST 30 244, band B2 flammability GOST 30 244, a group of smoke-forming ability according to GOST 12.1.044 D3. Teplex 35XPS: – flammability group G1, GOST 30 244, a group of Flammability B1 GOST 30 244, a group of smoke-forming ability according to GOST 12.1.044 D3. Teplex 45XPS: – flammability group G4, GOST 30 244, band B2 flammability GOST 30 244, a group of smoke-forming ability according to GOST 12.1.044 D3. Insulation extrusion penpolistirol made on foreign equipment. Compliance with the process is watching a foreign specialist. Each batch of material produced pass quality control. Material TEPLEX – it modern technologies of thermal insulation and competitive price.

Phenomenon Material

This latest achievement evrospetsialistov guarantees up to 30 years without problems using the chimney. Modern ceramic chimneys contain all the best qualities of a brick chimney and sectioned. They are easy going, very reliable and versatile (ie, suitable for all heating appliances as the radical (System UNI), and Shaft-mounted version of the chimney. The modern design of the chimney flue, you can create a line of complex shape, while maintaining high reliability and safety design. Disadvantages ceramic chimney can be attributed only to their relatively high cost and relatively large in comparison with metal chimneys, wt.

Common to all types of chimneys main problems that lead to a breach of the quality Chimney – burning-chimney. The reason low-quality material, chimney, faulty design (ie, incorrect use of materials), improper operation of the heater. Investigation – risk of fire. – Violation of the insulation. 1. – Cracking and tightness of the flue channel. The reason – poor quality materials, poor execution of works, features brick chimneys. Consequence – Fire hazard, Smoke and zakapchivanie room.

In some cases, the condensate formed in the chimney, flows out through the cracks and contaminate the final finishing of the walls of the room. – The formation of soot and tar deposits on the the inner surface of the pipe. The reason – the insulating properties of the chimney, resinous wood, misuse heater. It is dangerous to fire on. Soot has a very high (1200 C) temperature burning material capable of destroying the chimney. Combustion of soot in the chimney – one of the most common causes of fires. This is a characteristic disease of brick chimneys. An important preventive measure in this If a timely cleaning and inspection of the chimney. – Poor traction in the ignition and operation of the heater. The cause of the phenomenon can be design chimney, insulation material, height and location of the chimney regarding the roof ridge and the surrounding objects, the lack of air flow into the room for combustion.

Majesty Hallway

Therefore, from the vestibule, hallway she confidently climbed the hierarchical ladder and settled somewhere at the entrance-hall, thus reviving one of the long, in fact the glorious traditions of the noble interior design and home country site. Thus, the present hall country house – a place if not for life, at least, an extremely comfortable place to spending time preceding the transition into residential apartments. Today's creative freedom, but in other words – design of the apartment allows you to create extremely functional and stylish space hallway. At once agree that the hallway and a closet for storage of household belongings – not the same thing. All the more so in a country cottage to solve this problem is not particularly difficult affair.

It offers the homeowner household Built specially adapted room in the house, which over the years and stored in awe things necessary time in five years, the garage, finally, etc. In short, the hall is used for its intended purpose: to meet included a homey feel, instilling in him the strength and energy to their homes after a busy day. And of course, to accompany him in the morning to the world, providing the necessary positive emotions and pleasant promising to return in the evening. That can create such a mood? Of course, what looks nice and has the functional advantages. His Majesty the cabinet is no secret that the abundance of detail, even if each of them is strictly in place, all externally still gives the impression of disorder. Therefore, the number of things in the hallway should be minimal.

Within reasonable limits, of course: the bare walls, too, do not add to comfort. The optimal set of furniture for the hall will be a hanger, nightstand for shoes, a mirror and, of course, a case – built-in or freestanding. The first is preferable. Because, as experience shows, that this design fits perfectly in any room geometry, because it takes into account topographic features of the walls, elevating even the flaws in the rank of virtues.

Mexican Indians

The situation is typical of geographical rotation mikofobskih mikofilskih and traditions has led to extremely low levels of knowledge about mushrooms in the first case and tendency to develop specialized knowledge of a secret about mushrooms in the second. The sharp difference in respect of the fungi in different cultures (cf. Gr. The name of mushrooms as "food of the gods" or the Aztec as "God's flesh" and the interpretation fungi as the "bread Devil" or "dead food" among mikofobov) not only opposes the mushrooms as food "antipische," but also defines two types of mythological motivations value or harmfulness of fungi. There are many interesting theories of the emergence of mushrooms: in some cultures it was believed that fungi evolved from God's spit and excrement of the gods that this is heaven or urine, in others – excrement of the rainbow.

In Tajikistan, it is believed that fungi – is fallen to the ground the air lice, which shook out his robe 'Great Mother'. In one African tribe there is the theory that the earth and sky came out of the cap and stipe. I survived the following legend Ket: men and women rose from the ground. God planted them there Esey, scattering the ground with his right hand the seeds of women, and left – the seeds of men. Initially, and husband's and women lived separately, ie women lived in tents, and the men grew up in the woods in the form of phalluses, mushrooms. Baba went to the forest and came to see phalluses, when they have to then have the desire. Over time, a woman tired to walk far into the woods, and it just tore this mushroom-phallus, and brought to the tent, after which he turned into a full-fledged man.

Following these developments, wood phalluses declined and turned into a mushroom, and the men moved to the plague. The oldest archaeological evidence of the use of mushrooms is tassiliyskoe image found in the Tassili cave. It was created about 3500 years before p. H. intention of the artist is clear. Dancing shaman holding a magic mushroom. The recent discovery of an esoteric cult of fungi in the Mexican Indians allowed to re-evaluate situation and pay attention to other traditions in which there is such a cult (starokitayskuyu, Paleo-Asiatic, etc.). Already "Chronicle" Bernardino de Sahagun (16.) Reports on the use of the Indians during religious holiday magic mushroom teonanacatl, causing hallucinations, even earlier, at the turn of a new era in Mesoamerica, there was a sculpture depicting a mythical spirit in the leg, a few centuries later, there are mushrooms and idols, carved masters of the tribe of Maya – Quiche. In the Paleo-Asiatic mythology widespread stories about the "muhomornyh people." Over time, the existence of the Mexican magic mushrooms remained a mystery. The story of their discovery re-presented first-hand the remarkable two-volume work on etnomikologii 'Mushrooms Russia and History', its authors, American researchers Valentina Pavlovna Wasson and her husband, R. Gordon Wasson, played a decisive role in their discovery.

Moscow Furniture

The apartment – a place where we want more to come after work or school to recuperate and do what he likes. Therefore of great importance in shaping the attitudes and willingness to engage in a favorite home business after A Hard Day's furniture is our home. If you have recently moved or made repairs, then your old furniture is in no way be able to fit into an updated flat, so you need to take care of new furniture for your home. In this case we simply need to think about new furniture or partially replace the old one. In order to properly equip a modern house with a maximum benefit of using the original location of your apartment and offered to average price of furniture, you need to provide for themselves the overall style of the apartment interior.

Of course, you can invite a designer who will design your interior, but a good designer is worth a lot of money, and bad, besides, it's worth money is unlikely to be able to understand exactly what you need. Therefore, no one will choose the furniture as you yourself, if you are good in this course. Does not hurt to also take into account the wishes of other family members, especially in the selection of children's furniture or furniture for the library. With self-arrangement of your home comfortable living room furniture, children's room, hallway to select in one place. Then you can visualize how furniture will be combined. Well, if you choose to purchase furniture showroom, which will be a great choice not only colors but also different styles. Color – it's a pretty strong accent, which can be used in a particular location. For example, color scheme of children's furniture is better to choose light shades of any of the favorite colors.

Bright colors, of course necessary, but they must not prevail. Large areas of bright colors are irritating and exciting, no matter how attractive these colors may be in small quantities. Proper arrangement of the living room allows you to rest and creative work, meeting family celebration, a pleasant meeting with friends, collect the kids at home pie in the triumph, boasting its own collection or hunting trophies. Here the main thing – it's furniture. Whether it is properly matched with the wishes of all your family members, how it will be functional, comfortable, convenient for them? The latest models of the walls – it's functional and stylish furniture that give a sense of order, since its main purpose – it's storage capacity and the ability to almost anything. Source: Furniture shop in Moscow

The Choice Of Wall Colors And Wallpaper

Paint – one of the most versatile materials that can cover walls, ceilings, window and door frames, furniture parts and other painted surfaces can be made of concrete, brick, wood and metal. To correct Paint selection is important to consider all the characteristics and technological aspects. Along with decorative, paint a protective function. They protect wood surfaces by moistening, drying and destruction Concrete – from shattering, metal – corrosion. Manufacturers are constantly replenish its range of colors with new colors, effects, features, etc. As with any products, paint materials are characterized by a set of features – technical, decorative and performance. For the right choice of paint is important to consider all the characteristics and technological aspects. Take into account the properties necessary condition of education quality paint coating – high adhesion, the ability to paint adhesion to the surface.

Incidentally, the thin film is higher than that of fat, so do not try to put a lot of paint on the surface, exceeding the optimum (recommended by the manufacturer) value. In addition, to paint a good lie down on the surface, it must be a corresponding viscosity, and to avoid any leakage of dye is introduced so-called thixotropic additives. Thixotropy – the ability to increase the fluidity of the material under mechanical loads. When choosing paint for use vinterere, special attention should be paid to its environmental friendliness and safety. Andrei Nazarenko, category manager "Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine)", notes that consumers have become legible when selecting construction materials and pay particular attention to issues of environmental security. Dmitry Musiyenko, Head of Sales LLC "Giant", said that a truly environmentally friendly paint should be odorless. In addition, the responsible manufacturer necessarily indicate a capacity class durability and European environmental certificate TUV. Most friendly to the environment – paint with the international symbol on the packaging of the "Blue Angel" – a symbol of absolute purity and environmental safety products.