Newtonian Point

Since the ap all the moves by inertia and no acceleration, then an absolute inertial reference system. But this is not a fixed space of Newton: every point of the ap moves with respect to distant stars, in accordance with the gravitational potential at this point. Because potential has an absolute value, then we can only speculate the potential difference. Accordingly, the rate of ap can be add any value, but determining the speed ap at this point, we thereby fix the rates of all points of ap relative to this point. Since the hypothesis of the ap used the values of the constants of the Newtonian hypothesis, All experimental results are the same as in Newton, motion picture phone universe corresponds to the picture painted by Newton, that is, experimentally impossible to disprove the hypothesis ap (c using already undertaken experiments), but it is more simple and concise in its essence: to explain the observed phenomena, there is no need to introduce concepts such as long-range force field, a heavy weight. In fact, the hypothesis that ap offers just a different interpretation of the observed facts, allowing the principle of "Occam's razor" cut off "effect, fabrication than necessary." But at the same time, the hypothesis ap is not speculative, it meets the criteria of verification and falsification K. Popper: to test the hypothesis on the ap to the Michelson interferometer to compare the speed of light in the horizontal and vertical directions, the difference should be 11.2 kilometers per second.