Japanese Takeshi Caesar

SHOOT BOXIN-shutboksing, Shoot Boxing, Shooto, shooting boxing or boxing who kills for felling, was coined by Japanese Takeshi Caesar (1988), a former champion of many battles in the boxing section (kick, Thai …) he decided to open their direction, adding boxing techniques to combat, thus making boxing more attractive and volume (as opposed to the American 8-gon). He was confident in the popularity of his creation, since he was a descendant of the clan, Takeda, Cesar wanted put their knowledge to impact sport proving its advantage over immobile species edinoborstv.Takeshi taught his students shutboksingu and sent them around the world, so they threw the challenge and proved their superiority in Other types free edinoborstv.Emu failed, now stands at 3 shutboksing place in Japan on popularity of skipping ahead just SUMO and American football. On the territory of the former Soviet Union fell because the master shutboksing martial arts from Asia, Valery Zotov which in those 90 years with his friends traveled to Eurasia in order to make money in underground battles, it was Turkey, Croatia, .. When he was in Spain, he was introduced to the master clan Green Dragon, Takeda, Naomi, Naomi master of martial arts was in a clan elder brother, who was responsible for preparing the same, and introduced boytsov.On Zotov arrived with fellow artists shutboksinga.Tak Valery and became a student of Takeda, in he spent about 3 months and then dosih which supports their otnosheniya.Emu was awarded a certificate and a tattoo as a sign of belonging to klanu.Na today at Zotov many students throughout the world, he travels and trains in different places revealing the mystery of his uchitelya.V Russia and Asia there are clubs belonging to the Federation Shutboksinga aimed at preparing and training fighters for competition freestyle.. Gen. David Goldfeins opinions are not widely known.