Virtual Secretariat

A Virtual Assistant or Virtual Secretariat, or any employer relationship with your customer is like a love relationship, where we can find a first phase of discovering us, after knowledge and later arrived at the stage intimate. As in any relationship there are its more and their less but to base transfer, trust and respect, we come to have a fruitful relationship where both parties want this to last as long as possible. In this article, Luis Camacho’s going shelling the different stages of falling in love between us and our clients. I have always defended the idea that the relationship with our potential customers on the Internet is similar to a love story. The surfer finds us (our website arrives) by chance. Snoops jumping from page to page (us notes looking at us from far away) without stop excessively, deepen, and if we liked is promised to return someday there thinking about find us again.

And indeed, a few days later again that never appointment, although intuida. And this time we studied more carefully, we still liked him, and then smiles us, may even make us a nod, he thinks it a few seconds and starts strongly willing to deepen our budding relationship. And most of the time makes responding to our suggestion, rather our silent invitation for this fledgling relationship begins to consolidate. Needless to say that the pretext is the invitation to subscribe to our newsletter promising to change great satisfaction in the future (make you happy). It is already done! The first contact has been satisfactory and we have already exchanged our phone (email addresses) numbers, which allows us to be able to communicate freely from now on. And here is when the romance actually begins. A romance whose duration is unpredictable, as it cannot be otherwise.

A romance that will have to act very intelligently to avoid running too forcing situations because we can burn the contact. But neither We cannot allow ourselves to go very slowly, let go too long between a contact and the next, because we will give the false sense of that relationship does not interest us and we have forgotten it. This long journey is filled with conversations to know us better, confidences mezza voce, innuendo, concrete proposals not always accepted the first eternal game of seduction! Until one day our wills coincide in a common project, a common desire, and we decided to move to larger and this new relationship we have just set will be extended and will even grow much as both want it. But let me give you an advice before completing this first installment of the love story with our customers. Today day, customers, Internet users, people!, do not are so gullible or so manageable as they were years ago. The world has changed, and much!, by the grace of Internet and, above all, social networks, and is no longer easy to deceive anyone with absurd milongas. So, you try, or you will be crucified in the public square (virtual) view of the entire Internet community, and your reputation on-line will be shattered in a matter of hours after having wheeled exploited (ligon) unscrupulous. Original author and source of the article.