The Menu

Maybe you have a red pen or fabric pattern books or anything. Looking as good and as soon you can. Did they do it? If not, do it now. OK? Now, you should close equal to your eyes and with your eyes closed looking for the color blue. Now do that without that you previously looking blue with eyes wide open. Then open your eyes again! And: something you noticed? Probably you have can count on any single object that is the color of blue. But surely you knew more than 10 Red objects. You do not see what you not focus.

So focus on your goals for success on the job, to win new guests and bind. If you acquire the ability of concentration, you have found the lever for rung restaurant marketing. And what does this mean for your restaurant marketing? It’s starting already in when establishing your guest robe stem. You must know the business plan, what you focus want to. * Such as positioning you themselves, i.e. like you are perceived? * What audience do you speak? * On what goals would you focus your attention? And it goes on with the day-to-day business.

Focus your activities on a few but good marketing measures, which will be fully implemented to achieve the objectives defined in the business plan! * Focus in the menu design on the turnover-prone or profitable food! * Focus the setting of service staff and kitchen staff on top people! Don’t even start, to save their team. First, you must type before you can make. But you think the investment is coming back faster than you think * focus your hours on the strong-selling hours, days, and months. Take advantage of lulls, to rest to give gas back then at the right moment. Concentrate on your tasks every morning and you can only delegate! Conclusion: The entrepreneurs will Blued up today, they would have to be multitasking capable. And so also the restaurateurs of the time running behind. You spend hours on the phone or on your PC, to negotiate with suppliers to answer E-mails or to draw up work plans. But the truth is that they find even 20 seconds time to focus on their goals. Confusion and failure are left at the end. But top restaurateurs focus, think, delegate, and know exactly what they want to achieve. Working as a restaurateur strictly or even to have a fight, not true! Focus, and you will be happier and more successful! We wish you much success with this realization….