The Streets

And to my surprise, they are to these questions are answered honestly. The two-week stats showed that about twenty percent of the candidates receive a job offer and approximately ninety-five percent of them take it, regardless of the wages that they had requested and which they were offered. Question mentality took me almost every moment during this trip. India, absorbing everything imaginable and not imaginable forms of technical progress, refusing to assimilate to the world culture at the household level. For example, in the streets practically do not meet women in European dress or a woman with dyed hair. They ride in cars and bicycles, drink coca cola and fun to eat hamburgers, but, God forbid, to change ourselves. Unconsciously begs comparison with Japan, where Japanese women dressed in jeans, recorded in the queue for operations to change the shape of the eye. Another example of loyalty to tradition – the creation of an Indian family.

Several years ago, in my department There are six Indians. One day, one of them came to me with a request to leave. He explained that he was going home to marry. I asked who the bride. He replied that he does not know yet, because the mother had not yet chosen, and that to date known only to the date of the wedding. Seeing my surprised look, he explained to me the whole process: the mother of the groom gives a notice in a newspaper describing the requirements for the bride, including character traits and social status, considering suggestions from the bride's mother and chooses two or three suitable, sometimes one.