When Travel Is Not A Pleasure

Bedbugs crushed walls, climbing through the wooden bed, emerging from the wooden floor. Bed bugs smell, apart from bites. Who said that travel is a pleasure? For the Martha Gellhorn (1908-1998), American writer and journalist often was not, perhaps because he too tempted to luck: he traveled to 53 different countries, lived in seven and had 11 permanent houses throughout his life. And that many times the mission was exciting: do stories about the Sino-Japanese war; Search the ravages of German submarines in the Caribbean Islands during World War II, make a safari of pleasure across West Africa to this in any case, on five occasions was a living hell. And so is the title of the book that collects these epics for the first time in Spanish: five trips to hell (Altair). Or, in his words: my best terrible trips. Source of the news:: when travel is not a pleasure