The Choice Of Wall Colors And Wallpaper

Paint – one of the most versatile materials that can cover walls, ceilings, window and door frames, furniture parts and other painted surfaces can be made of concrete, brick, wood and metal. To correct Paint selection is important to consider all the characteristics and technological aspects. Along with decorative, paint a protective function. They protect wood surfaces by moistening, drying and destruction Concrete – from shattering, metal – corrosion. Manufacturers are constantly replenish its range of colors with new colors, effects, features, etc. As with any products, paint materials are characterized by a set of features – technical, decorative and performance. For the right choice of paint is important to consider all the characteristics and technological aspects. Take into account the properties necessary condition of education quality paint coating – high adhesion, the ability to paint adhesion to the surface.

Incidentally, the thin film is higher than that of fat, so do not try to put a lot of paint on the surface, exceeding the optimum (recommended by the manufacturer) value. In addition, to paint a good lie down on the surface, it must be a corresponding viscosity, and to avoid any leakage of dye is introduced so-called thixotropic additives. Thixotropy – the ability to increase the fluidity of the material under mechanical loads. When choosing paint for use vinterere, special attention should be paid to its environmental friendliness and safety. Andrei Nazarenko, category manager "Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine)", notes that consumers have become legible when selecting construction materials and pay particular attention to issues of environmental security. Dmitry Musiyenko, Head of Sales LLC "Giant", said that a truly environmentally friendly paint should be odorless. In addition, the responsible manufacturer necessarily indicate a capacity class durability and European environmental certificate TUV. Most friendly to the environment – paint with the international symbol on the packaging of the "Blue Angel" – a symbol of absolute purity and environmental safety products.